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The Lost Horizon Hypothesis: Did Xinjiang Separatists Hijack Flight MH370? (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Scrutiny of the pilots of Flight MH370 has intensified, but nothing so far disproves the Lost Horizon hypothesis, not even a homemade flight simulator. To my mind, the clarified timeline of events supports a scenario in which the pilots acted … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Russia’s “Last Chance” in Syria

Russia was one of the two UN Security Council members responsible for greenlighting the Assad regime’s crackdown on dissidents. Now Russia is reportedly losing patience with the ongoing massacres, as if they couldn’t see this coming: “This may be the … Continue reading

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Walking In Deserted Wonderland

China’s Potemkin economic growth has produced vast, empty apartment buildings, malls, neighborhoods, factories, and other developments. A theme park advertised as the Disney of the Far East was never finished, and now faces the creative destruction of an older Chinese … Continue reading

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Sixty Four Kids In A Van

At least their van isn’t down by the river. Ah, the growing pains of modernization. This kinda puts those photos of tied-up toddlers in perspective, doesn’t it?

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Picking Winners And Losers

If I had an exciting, revolutionary new product that was going to change the world, help resolve critical problems, for which demand will only grow in the future, and that I wanted to manufacture right here in the United States … Continue reading

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Wages Of Denial

The Economist reports: Between 1998 and 2010 there was a correlation of over 90% between changes in oil and wine prices. This encouraged the two economists to build an economic model to explain swings in the prices of crude oil … Continue reading

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CNN Reports What Glenn Beck Decides To Ignore

If Glenn Beck wanted to find some actual, real, non-imaginary communist tyranny, he’d need look no farther than his boss’s best friends. The Chinese communist party has activated its massive cyber-suppression system to try and blank out news of a … Continue reading

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Chinese UFO Is Just A Rocket

During launch, a rocket produces a cone as it passes through the point of maximum dynamic pressure. The atmosphere bleeding off the shock cone is visible in this photo of a shuttle launch: HuffPo reports on the hysteria: A second … Continue reading

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How to make $1000 a week with no experience.

1. Be white. 2. Go to China. 3. Get hired as a “quality control” expert. 4. Profit!!!! Companies in China will hire Americans to pretend to be business owners. Apparently, “Having foreigners in nice suits gives the company face.” See … Continue reading

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GoDaddy Joins Google

The internet is leaving China one company at a time as government efforts to erect a Great Wall of Technology repel investors. First Google, now Danica Patrick: In December, China began to enforce a new policy that required any registrant … Continue reading

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Globalizing Football

Remember what I said a while back about the NFL’s (really rather clever) efforts to bring the game to China? The National Football League has tried and failed to build international audiences, but now they’ve set their sights on China … Continue reading

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