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Morning Awful: Approving Violence

By way of LGF: a CBS poll asking whether violence is “ever justified” got a yes from 16% of respondents. Their breakdown: Republican 28% yes, 64% no Democrat 11% yes, 81% no Indepdent 11% yes, 81% no

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Stimulus Economics

Last time you went shopping, how many jobs did you create? You have no way of knowing how your dollar turned up, or with whom, or what they did with it. But as Obama’s stimulus jobs report comes out today, … Continue reading

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The Media Can’t Help Itself

Once again, the press is reporting the controversy instead of the facts: During their September 10 editions, the three evening network news programs cumulatively devoted more coverage to Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst during President Obama’s September 9 joint address to … Continue reading

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CBS: Credulous Breathless Stenography

CBS News ran a story last night on a “conservative alternative” to the AARP, the American Association of Retired Persons. A single hour of web-based investigation into the American Seniors Association, however, reveals it to be a Republican front group. … Continue reading

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