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Insipid Palin Quotes

Ashby reports: “I think the majority of Americans don’t want to put up with the blue bloods,” Palin told Ingraham. “And I say it with all due respect, because I love the Bushes. “ Palin has a thing for blood. … Continue reading

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Ugly Americans

So apparently part of the plan in Afghanistan involves creating local police security forces: In his first week on the job, Petraeus has met with Karzai three times and discussed many topics. But on at least one issue, the village … Continue reading

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The Morning Awful

Not only did the Bushies torture prisoners; they have been torturing logic ever since. Is there any doubt the Bush administration was sociopathic? Khalid Sheikh Mohammad was not waterboarded 183 times in search of information. It was punishment, pure and … Continue reading

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The Bush Legacy

Why am I not surprised at this? LOS ANGELES — The federal agency responsible for ensuring that an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico was operating safely before it exploded last month fell well short of its own policy … Continue reading

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Morning Video

I can’t agree with Hinchey’s characterization. While I have no doubt the Bushies were uninterested in al-Qaeda or bin Laden after 9/11, failure at Tora Bora was more a result of incompetence than malice, IMHO.

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George’s Legacy

The Decider came out of his hidey-hole yesterday evening to defend his record on torture: “The first thing you do is ask, what’s legal?” he said. “What do the lawyers say is possible? I made the decision, within the law, … Continue reading

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Amateurs at Work

ABC reports: (N)either Mitchell nor Jessen had any experience in conducting actual interrogations before the CIA hired them. “They went to two individuals who had no interrogation experience,” said Col. Kleinman. “They are not interrogators.” The new documents show the … Continue reading

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The Shoe Incident

Junior’s ‘legacy project’ was destroyed over the weekend by a pair of shoes. In case you’ve been living in a cave, here’s the video: There are some liberal bloggers out there expressing concern at the sight of such disrespect to … Continue reading

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Prince George’s Legacy

Apologies to A. A. Milne Prince George was not a good man —And in his latter days,World leaders did not shake his hand,Much to his amaze.At G-20 meetings,When lining up on stage,They whispered of his ruined brand,And did not offer … Continue reading

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Exit Strategy for Junior

George Bush, Jr. has always hated the Junior. It was the first thing to go when he ran for president. But as he gives new meaning to the term ‘lame duck,’ it’s time to reapply that fitting nominative suffix. With … Continue reading

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