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Lost in Translation

Thump and Whip, my new favorite blog, has a rather incredible post up today: It’s awkward to say openly, but now-departed President Bush is a religious crackpot, an ex-drunk of small intellect who “got saved.” He never should have been … Continue reading

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Selling Iran, Part 3

‘Iran is a crazy country, run by a new Hitler, who is building nuclear weapons to destroy the United States and Israel.’ That is the essence of the White House marketing campaign to bomb Iran, and it’s baloney.I despise the … Continue reading

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Selling Iran, Part Two

This is what we face in trying to stop the march to war with Iran: The words “terror, terrorism, and terrorist” are used fourteen times in four minutes. “Al Qaeda” is mentioned four times. The word “arson” is used exactly … Continue reading

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Selling Iran, Part One

“From a marketing point of view, you don’t introduce new products in August.” – White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card on advance public relations for the invasion of Iraq. In fits and starts, the marketing blitz for an attack … Continue reading

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