William Hoge’s Downfall

William J. J. Hoge has a gigantic ego, so he couldn’t understand why his little Hogewash blog wasn’t getting any traffic. Even though he blogged about Brett Kimberlin, the bugaboo of the right wing Breitbart universe, Hoge just didn’t have the audience he felt he deserved. But then Hoge got into a pissing match with […]

Snowden Flakes: Russian And Chinese Spies Are Smarter Than Glenn Greenwald

UPDATE: in an exclusive interview with the South China Morning Post, Edward Snowden admits everything I just said below about his motivations and objectives: Edward Snowden secured a job with a US government contractor for one reason alone – to obtain evidence on Washington’s cyberspying networks, the South China Morning Post can reveal. For the first time, Snowden has […]

Cancer Truthers Become Kiddie Porn Defenders


After a period of relative silence in the wake of the Cancer Truthers post, several proud participants in the @Shoq Twitter brigade have fallen all over themselves to attack the cat again over The William Talley Burn Notice. Because for some reason, whenever I blog about a man who has pleaded guilty to possession of […]

Dear Howard County, Maryland Law Enforcement

It is my understanding that Lee Stranahan of Dallas, Texas has made a false report against Bill Schmalfeldt in your jurisdiction (case #1286925). Stranahan has indicated that he intends to expand his accusations to me. I would like to aid your investigation by recounting Stranahan’s career of false reporting and clarifying his history of fabrication. […]

See What You Made Heather Chase Do?!


The following update has been added to The @Shoq Twitter Brigade Burn Notice. Rather than start with an apology to the many progressive men and women she has thrown under the bus, Heather Chase opens her respondent epistle (.PDF) with an accusation. And it’s a silly one, which is why she later deleted the document: […]

How TeamUterati Founders Fell for a Right Wing Con Artist


The following update has been added to The @Shoq Twitter Brigade Burn Notice. Contrary to popular misconception, this story is not about defending a “Twitter cat.” Many people have been harassed, bullied, intimidated, and lost income since May. Using new information, this update will at last disclose answers to some of the bigger mysteries behind […]