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The Afghanistan Report Bradley Manning Doesn’t Want You to Read

Seriously, if you haven’t read it you should. I’ll wait. Done? Good, because Lt. Colonel Daniel Davis has done exactly the right thing by submitting the report to both the Pentagon and Congress. As part of the normal security clearance … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Manning Defense

Almost exactly one year ago during the debate on DADT reversal, hate group Focus on the Family media creature Brian Fischer cited the Bradley Manning story to argue that gayness is the first step to treason. That’s ridiculous, of course. … Continue reading

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A Song for Fame-Whoring Grifters

By Emilia1956 Dan Choi’s back. Really, he couldn’t stay away. Almost a year after the Senate repealed the odious DADT, after Choi had spent innumerable hours bad-mouthing the President in every way possible, and after this past summer’s hissyfit performance … Continue reading

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Bradley Manning is Still Not Special

Herein lies my problem with the tortured narrative of Bradley Manning: The emotional problems of loneliness and alienation Manning confronted are hardly atypical for a perceptive 20-year-old, particularly one with a long-estranged father dealing with issues of sexual orientation and … Continue reading

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