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One Million Moms vs Bill O’Reilly

JC Penney’s hired Ellen de Generes as their official spokesperson. I think that’s a good move. Ellen’s smart, she’s honest, she’s probably so trustworthy she could sell ice to Eskimos. I can’t think of a better representative for this traditional … Continue reading

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Bill-O Fails Math

Could Bill O’Reilly pass a basic statistics test? It doesn’t look like it: The average life expectancy is just that: an average. Two very different-sized groups can have the exact same average of something. The fact that Canadian averages for … Continue reading

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Culture Wars Can Never be Won

Can someone write a peace treaty for the Culture Wars already? It’s a metaphor gone bad. We have declared war on too many things: terror, drugs, crime, you name it. The word “war” has lost all meaning. Pat Buchanan declared … Continue reading

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