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The Post In Which I Disagree With Bill Clinton

Clinton is giving the Democrats a Sistah Souljah moment with MSNBC: Bill Clinton told FDL’s Eve Gittelson that it would be problematic for him to attend a free medical clinic being held in Little Rock, Arkansas tomorrow because MSNBC’s Keith … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton Liveblogged!

William Jefferson Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, will deliver the keynote address at Netroots Nation in Pittsburgh, PA tonight. I’ll be liveblogging it here starting at 9:20 EDT. ================== The introductory speakers are running over time. Lots … Continue reading

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Clinton’s Photographic Appeasement

KCNA via KNS/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images That picture is what Kim Jong-Il wanted all along. In poor health, the Dear Leader is trying to manage a power transition to his chosen heir and craves the legitimacy of international politics. … Continue reading

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More Human Than Human

1. I believe Barack Obama is our next president, and what’s more, he’s the president America deserves. 2. I believe Hillary Clinton is a talking-point-dispensing robot sent to Earth by Neptunians. So is Mitt Romney. They must be stopped, or … Continue reading

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