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11-D Chess Online

If Obama had written a health care bill a la Clinton 1993, that same fiasco would have happened all over again. So he chose the opposite strategy: identifying three key elements of reform, he described the same plan he’d envisioned … Continue reading

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Betsy McCaughey is the New Orly Taitz

Remember Betsy McCaughey, the woman who created with the whole “death panels” nontroversy and then turned into self-parody on the Daily Show set? Turns out she’s just like Orly Taitz, the “lawyer” who got her law degree from a Cracker-Jack … Continue reading

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Betsy McCaughey: the New Orly Taitz

First came Orly Taitz. Now, at long last, Betsy McCaughey has met her match. Betsy McCaughey has been a health care hack since 1994, when her Wall Street Journal op-ed became the template for the defeat of Clinton’s health care … Continue reading

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Letter to the Times Daily

Since the Times Daily is only running about one in three letters I write (while complaining that not enough people write letters), I’m posting this one tonight. To the Editor, Times Daily: Watch out! The stimulus bill will kill your … Continue reading

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