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Best Tweet

Chez Pazienza, in reply to Andrew Breitbart’s incredible defensiveness: What? I’m gonna argue with you over Twitter? That’s makes a hell of a lot of sense — tough guy. As I keep saying: DO NOT ENGAGE TEH CRAZY™! Backstory here.

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Best Tweeter

Andy Borowitz: Rudy Giuliani: “I never had attacks of amnesia under Bush. I’ve had one under Obama.”@BorowitzReport Bob Cesca has the full takedown on Giuliani here and here. Original tweet here.

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Best of Christmas Blogging

The best of Christmas around the blogosphere! Chris Weigant has the greatest Santa Claus post EVER: The Interrogation of Mr. Claus UNIDENTIFIED SUSPECT: “… look, this is all a misunderstanding. My flight transponder died over Iceland, but come on, guys, … Continue reading

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Best Tweeter

@willmckinley: I told Pete Hoekstra that I like this girl in math class and now she totally knows! Pete can never keep a secret. Context:

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Best Tweeter

@OTOOLEFAN cracks wise in the holiday spirit: Orly Taitz went all out on her Halloween costume this year. She’s going as an Earthling. Original here. In case you haven’t heard, Taitz is organizing a protest of Bill O’Reilly.

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Best Tweeter

Remember the guy who told you which movies to see? @ebertchicago now composes limericks and opines on media at his blog. Who will shamefully employ a ruseto lie and mislead and confuseand twist and distortand spin and contort?Why, none better … Continue reading

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