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Hamsher Jumps The Couch

Enough already. Her website has been in serious decline, she’s been leading half the progressive blogosphere to scream “kill the bill” along with David Sirota, she’s gone on Fox News contrary to her own call to boycott Fox News, and … Continue reading

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Best Blogger

Thank goodness Tim Fernholz is blogging. He does a demolition job on Taibbi: The piece is a factual mess, a conspiracy theorist’s dream, doesn’t even indict Obama for his real failures (which I’ll discuss in a post later today) and … Continue reading

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Best Blogger/Worst Blogger

In taking down a sports writer, Oliver Willis demolishes the stupid circus around Tiger Woods: The media hasn’t done anything to Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods did all of this to himself by not being able to keep it in his … Continue reading

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Best Blogger

GottaLaff of The Political Carnival has my nomination for a Netroots Nation award. Here’s the story she broke on CNN: Her readers are to be congratulated for calling the Secret Service, which has already thanked GottaLaff. The pseudonymous blogger will … Continue reading

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