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Barney Frank Tells LGBTs to Lobby Congress

Barney Frank told the AP yesterday that gay and lesbian activists should lobby Congress: “Call or write your representative or senator,” he said, “and then have your friends call and write their representatives or senator.” What was that I said … Continue reading

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Time to Audit the Federal Reserve

What’s the one thing Barney Frank and Ron Paul can agree on? That it’s time to audit the Federal Reserve. Frank: “They have had since 1932… the right to intervene in the economy almost whenever they” wanted to, Frank said, … Continue reading

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Yesterday I described what John Dingell ought to have done when confronted by a shouting constituent. In truth, I’ve been waiting for a Democrat to give America that “enough is enough” moment, and Barney Frank has finally delivered: Memorandum to … Continue reading

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Hey GOP, have a cup of STFU

It’s too much. In what has to be the worst political gamble of my lifetime, House Republicans killed the bailout and then tried to blame Nancy Pelosi. Barney Frank, of all people, destroyed the GOP spin in a single sound … Continue reading

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