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Deep, Deep Thoughts

I’m of the opinion that past a certain point we shouldn’t be allowed to raz each other for what we used to write.

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**Electorate Sets Mode: +O Obama**

I have officially been on the Internet too long.

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“I’m President Now. Presidents Are Cool.”

Wibbley-wobbley timey-wimey. Mucho thanks to Steve M. for giving me the idea.

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Things That Are All True: Super-PACs

I’m not pissed at Barack Obama, and I’m not pissed at Russ Feingold. I’m just pissed.

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The Soul of Diplomacy

David Rees, I’m not – but no harm in trying.

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U Mad GOP?

Magic Love Hose makes comics for He lives in Canada where he can lob grenades into America’s political process from Minimum Safe Distance. This is his Twitter. Say hi.

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Mustache of Misunderstanding, Part 1 of 3

There’s really no defending this, is there? I’ll turn in my Team Commie membership card on the way out. (CLICK TO EMBIGGEN) Magic Love Hose is not a professional politician. You can trust him because of in spite of that. … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Care What Day Obama Gives His Speech (NSFW)

By Magic Love Hose (I am going to use the phrase ‘turtle fucking’ a lot in this post. You were warned.) Every year, in America, in the sweltering August heat, politics gets insane. Matt & I have talked about how … Continue reading

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Obama Calls Kanye A "Jackass"

Late breaking news from Huffington Post: During a CNBC interview on Monday, President Obama called hip-hop artist Kanye West a “jackass” over his behavior at the MTV Video Music Awards. Obama’s colorful remark was actually made in an off-the-record portion … Continue reading

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Obama Makes Peace With Cuba

Barack Obama is a peacemaker. It’s that simple. In one speech he not only opened the door to ending a half-century feud, but made it much harder for despots to say no to him. Here’s the speech: Read the Article … Continue reading

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A Bailout We Can Believe In?

I must admit, I find Geithner’s plan for a bad bank intriguing. While I’m not prepared to jump to conclusions just yet, it sounds like something Bill Clinton and Bill Gates put together: the government will organize America’s richest Americans … Continue reading

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