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They Are The Disaster They Would Prevent

In the 20th Century, our American nation realized that broad and destructive calamities required federal power to manage the business of disaster relief. Beginning even before the Great Depression, this collective response to natural and economic disasters characterized our liberal … Continue reading

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The Margaret Thatcher I Remember

Thatcher, who famously said “there is no society, only families,” was mainly successful at atomizing and attacking the society she denied existed while pretending to fly a flag of freedom over it. Continue reading

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Anarcho-Misogyny Apologetics in East Blogistan

One of the bloggers most responsible for Neal Rauhauser inflation in the wingnutosphere has some interesting views on the subjects of promiscuity, choice, and responsibility. A volunteer flagged me with this beauty last night; I could hear the heavy breathing as … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Authoritarian Libertarianism

In a long, but excellent essay at, former Republican Mike Lofgren opens up about the GOP’s deep capture to belief systems and immunity to facts. The whole thing is worth reading, but this quote about the authoritarianism lurking beneath … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Romney’s Israeli Kulturkampf

This is the kind of nonsense that makes me want to drink Strychnine and handle snakes. Governor Romney showed up in Israel to talk about the deficiencies of Palestinian “culture:” Mitt Romney told Jewish donors Monday that their culture is … Continue reading

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John Brown’s Pikes

“Private Martin.” “Yes, sir.” He did not swallow or make any other sign of fear. His face was a study in youth exposed to battle. Even delivery of bad news to a flag officer was insufficient to shake the private’s confidence. … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Authoritarian Homophobia

Science once again proves the obvious: homophobia is mainly the result of self-oppressed, latent homosexuality. The latest evidence comes from the University of Essex, which tested participants for discrepancy between their overt (i.e. stated) and implicit (demonstrated) sexual orientation: RESULTS: … Continue reading

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Jeff Sessions Against My Mom

If Republican legislators have their way, Arizona women will no longer be able to use birth control without their employers’ permission. I wish I was making this up. House Bill 2625 mirrors the argument in Washington, where Congressional Republicans are … Continue reading

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Santorum, Gingrich Appeal to Authoritarians in Alabama

The Laurens County, South Carolina Republican Party has high standards for its candidates. They have to pledge their opposition to abortion under any circumstances, their support of unlimited gun ownership, and a federal budget balanced even on the back of … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Santorum Craves Apocalypse

Rick Santorum would like everyone to stop apologizing for accidental Qur’an burnings. Who cares how many Americans get killed over it? Not Rick, who has never been a friend to the American soldier — or the separation of church and … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Santorum INGSOC Slogans

Presidential contestant Rick Santorum yesterday at a rally in Ohio: “Freedom isn’t to do whatever you want to do, it’s to do what you ought to do.” Get that? Most of us think of freedom as something that gives us … Continue reading

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