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Not Your Personal Army: How Unite Blue Ignited A War With Anonymous And Then Tried To Blame Their Critics

The Anonymous hacktivist collective likes to say they are Not Your Personal Army (NYPA), meaning they do not care about your petty dramas and issues and will not respond to attempted incitement. Politically, Anons tend to fall into the libertarian-progressive … Continue reading

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(CORRECTION) @UniteBlue Did Not Receive a Stolen Twitter Account

Mar 4 – CORRECTION: In attempting to prove his ownership of the @ConnectTheLeft Twitter account, Simon @SimonSayeth published the incorrect email from Twitter. Below is a bumped, amended slideshow presenting his newly-recovered, correct proof of ownership for @ConnectTheLeft. Simon is … Continue reading

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Naked Astroturf on Twitter (UPDATE: “Tea Party For Mitt” Bot Still Tweeting)

This week, a hashtag meant to embarrass liberalism wound up inadvertently revealing that Twitter tea party activism is mostly just technology. Below is a Chirpstory showing that many of the participating accounts were merely sock puppets mechanically retweeting the same … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Romney’s Social Media Director Involved With Collapsing National Bloggers Club

Last Friday, Alex Brant-Zawadzki blogged that Bill Murphy (right), the Social Media Director for the Romney campaign, is an associate of Ali Akbar, disgraced President of the National Bloggers Club. Today he reports that Murphy was actually the Director of … Continue reading

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Colonel Mustard Pets a Troll

Like the President, William A. Jacobson, Esq. (pictured) has been the Senior Editor of a Harvard legal publication, the International Law Journal. From 1984 to 2007 he maintained a successful private practice dealing with “investment, employment, and business disputes in … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh Uses Actual, Real, Not-Imaginary Astroturfers

The story Rush Limbaugh’s comeback management wants you to believe is that #stoprush is astroturf, whereas he is really extraordinarily popular and an entertainer. Actually, there’s nothing entertaining about Rush Limbaugh anymore, except unintentionally, and he’s not actually popular. Take … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh Wouldn’t Recognize Real Activism if it Smacked Him in the Head with an “Occupy” Sign

When porcine hate-radio host Rush Limbaugh finished calling Sandra Fluke a “slut” for nine hours, he discovered that two hundred thousand Americans were already using social media to separate him from his sponsors. It caused something of a panic at … Continue reading

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Movement Failures and the Debt Ceiling Crisis

So far, Common Cause is the only liberal organization that has brought the power of civil disobedience to bear on the 112th Congress in this time of manufactured debt limit crisis. Eleven clergy were arrested in a demo under the … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: National Right To Starve Committee

There ought to be truth-in-political advertising laws. I spotted an ad on my site last night for this bunch (link is wearing a condom): With new pro-Right to Work Congressmen and Senators forced to wait until January to be sworn … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Koch’s Suckers

Via Digby, the circle closes. The Kochs can no longer pretend they’re not behind the tea party “phenomenon.”

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American Seniors Association Update

Remember that barely-disguised Republican Party front group that managed to grab some network airtime during the health care debate last year? Befitting the zeitgeist of monetized revolution, the American Seniors Association has transitioned to a fully for-profit organization: The American … Continue reading

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