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Artur Davis is Still Mad at Alabama

As a former enthusiastic supporter of Artur Davis who has been dismayed by his actions since 2009, I’m rather appalled by this naked bid for K-Street relevance. He should just come out and claim he was robbed of his rightful … Continue reading

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POLITICO Slips The Surly Bonds Of Earth

The website-that-shall-not-be-linked found a way for the defeat of Artur Davis to be a defeat for Obama. With the headline “Short Obama coattails for black pol,” POLITICO opined: The stunning defeat suffered by Rep. Artur Davis — one of the … Continue reading

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How Artur Davis Messed Up

According to my sources, the Davis campaign turned down several opportunities for personal appearances in key microtargeted communities. He failed to excite because he failed to show. The Democratic voters of 2006 and 2008 stayed home because he was anything … Continue reading

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Artur Davis On Grocery Taxes

Artur Davis is the first Alabama gubernatorial candidate I can remember talking about the state’s unfair tax burden. For that reason alone I am eager to see him win. It always irks me to hear people try to excuse Alabama’s … Continue reading

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Morning Video

In 2004, I watched Obama and knew he would be president some day. Ever since I saw him talk about rural broadband expansion, I’ve this Democrat is going to be Alabama’s governor. And he leads the pack:

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