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The Hate Destroyer

Irmela Mensah-Schramm, 65 years old, carries paint spray and a scraper across Germany erasing racist and homophobic graffiti. She calls indifference “the worst enemy…people who draw a one meter swastika on a wall have to realize what they are doing.” … Continue reading

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Art And Kulturkampf

I was pondering culture wars today when I found this UK Independent report on a secret CIA program that supported abstract expressionist art: The next key step came in 1950, when the International Organisations Division (IOD) was set up under … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck vs the Arts: Fiasco

There is fail, there is epic fail, and there is a rarefied realm of sublimely perfect fiasco. Glenn Beck has that essential problem of topping himself all the time; after a boiled plastic frog, what’s next? Thus the perfect ingredients … Continue reading

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That Rapture Painting

Within 24 hours of the Constitutional Rapture meme showing up… …my friend Triggur found this Cthulu Constitution. I love Cthulu humor. I AM THE GREAT KUDZULU!!! FEAR ME!!!

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