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Rush Limbaugh is Not Too Big to Fail

The Daily Beast’s most frustrating writer has a libertarian notion that Rush Limbaugh’s livelihood(!) is threatened by the StopRush campaign (and by extension, my continuing blog action to get 25,000 signatures on the White House petition to remove Rush from … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Congress

Andrew Sullivan uses the word “oligarchy” to describe this picture: As I keep saying, the American institution most in need of occupation is Congress. Not only does the 1% own the legislative branch of our federal government, they actually dominate … Continue reading

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On Sullivan On Behar

Three things about this video: (1) I really wish Joy Behar would shut up and let Sullivan talk. (2) I’m glad Sullivan’s finally had the chance to debunk Palin’s attack on Trig-gate; it was never about silly rumors, it was … Continue reading

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Afghanistan and the Public Option

Andrew Sullivan describes 11-dimensional chess and the politics of consensus, discovering the same link I made six weeks ago: What we are seeing here, I suspect, is what we see everywhere with Obama: a relentless empiricism in pursuit of a … Continue reading

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That Palin Article

Unless you live under a rock, you know that Michael Jackson is dead and Todd Purdum has written an article for Vanity Fair about Sarah Palin. What does it say about the nature of modern American politics that a public … Continue reading

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Will Banking Bring Bipartisanship?

After three weeks of GOP-fed media narrative proclaiming Obama’s economic stimulus an epic fail, the coverage suddenly turned positive this weekend. The press woke up to the enormous victory Obama has scored despite intense obstructionism from the right. Rhetoric about … Continue reading

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