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Wingnut Wind Power Wankery is Not About Free Markets

Last week at the Guardian, Suzanne Goldenberg reported on an emerging right wing effort to attack the wind energy sector. ALEC, Americans For Prosperity, and a newer outfit called the American Tradition Institute (really!) have been propagandizing against wind power … Continue reading

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#StopRush, ALEC, and the Howard Stern Category

It’s time for Limbaugh’s defenders to stop before they hurt themselves. Actions like #StopRush have been going on for a long time without any help from George Soros or Media Matters. There is nothing new or innovative about advertiser contact … Continue reading

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Angie’s List a Perfect Fit for Limbaugh

This was forwarded to me by a #stoprush volunteer who wrote Angie’s List to cancel their membership over the company’s continued sponsorship of Rush Limbaugh’s sick misogyny circus. It is their unresponsive non-response: Thanks for writing Angie’s List. As you … Continue reading

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Charter Schools Are Not About Education

When Brooke Harris tried to channel her Michigan charter school students’ outspoken concern about the Trayvon Martin shooting into positive action, she was fired by the school supervisor. Harris received no explanation for her firing and has no recourse. That … Continue reading

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Will ALEC Reinstate Slavery in Alabama by 2014?

Conservative governance has never made Alabama a land of opportunity. The state ranked 47th in a recent study of economic mobility by Opportunity Nation and the Human Development Project. But hey, the “real” conservatives are in charge of Alabama now, … Continue reading

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