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EXCLUSIVE: Roger Shuler Arrest Scene Photos (VIDEO UPDATE)

Yesterday, I carried out a successful mission to deliver supplies to Mrs. Shuler and make a photographic and video record of the scene where Roger Shuler was arrested by Shelby County deputies. Many thanks to Mrs. Shuler for her courage … Continue reading

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Rally For Roger: Legal Defense Fund Created For Legal Schnauzer

Please support our fundraiser for the Shulers’ legal defense fund. Roger Shuler, the Birmingham-area blogger known as Legal Schnauzer, was beaten and arrested one week ago today by Shelby County Sheriff’s deputies. They were acting on a warrant for … Continue reading

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Alabama Goes Full Retard, Elects “Twinkle”

Roy Moore is once again Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, replacing the last Democrat on the state’s highest bench. He says he won’t try bringing graven images into state buildings anymore, but rest assured he’s ready to decide … Continue reading

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Alabama Will See Things We’ve Never Seen Before

Alabama won’t be getting a new dime of new revenue. Governor Robert Bentley has taken the no-new-taxes pledge, so instead lawmakers will fill the hole with cuts to Medicaid and S-CHIP programs. That’s right, the dermatologist-governor would rather take health … Continue reading

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Santorum, Gingrich Appeal to Authoritarians in Alabama

The Laurens County, South Carolina Republican Party has high standards for its candidates. They have to pledge their opposition to abortion under any circumstances, their support of unlimited gun ownership, and a federal budget balanced even on the back of … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Santorum-Gingrich Debate

Mitt Romney might have been shrewd to sit out the Alabama Republican Presidential Forum in Birmingham last night, because it gave Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich a chance to try and out-wingnut each other in isolation. My favorite part is … Continue reading

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God Strikes Limestone Correctional Facility

So I am in Montgomery, escaping the softball-sized hail raining on my hometown, and reading about the storm damage to Limestone Correctional Facility, when I find out about this. It’s from a 2006 NYT Op-Ed: The discouraging outlook for low-performing … Continue reading

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Shadrack McGill Wants an Old Testament Civilization

This video needs to go viral. It’s of Alabama’s own State Senator Shadrack McGill (the guy who said God wants teacher pay cuts) declaring that education, taxes, and budgets are less important than “morality,” by which he means abortion. When … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Intended Consequences

It’s “who could have foreseen the breaking of the levees?” all over again. Robert Palmer on Republican plans for their sophomore session in charge of the Alabama state house: The controversial immigration law, the strictest in the country, is being … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Reynold’s Rap

Wait for it, this gets even better: At a meeting of the Marengo County Republican Executive Committee, as reported by the Marengo Democrat-Reporter, Reynolds told gathered Republicans that there is “no doubt President Barack Obama is a Muslim, and he … Continue reading

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Will ALEC Reinstate Slavery in Alabama by 2014?

Conservative governance has never made Alabama a land of opportunity. The state ranked 47th in a recent study of economic mobility by Opportunity Nation and the Human Development Project. But hey, the “real” conservatives are in charge of Alabama now, … Continue reading

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