Austin Smith Clem Must Be Kept Away From Children


Austin Smith Clem was found guilty of molesting and repeatedly raping a teenager, but will spend no time in prison for it. The more I hear from his attorney, the more outrageous this story gets: “It would seem to be relatively mild,” Totten tells Mother Jones. “But [Clem’s] lifestyle for the next six years is […]

EXCLUSIVE: Roger Shuler Arrest Scene Photos (VIDEO UPDATE)

Roger Shuler's mugshot shows us what Rob Riley has in store for any blogger who writes about him, natch?

Yesterday, I carried out a successful mission to deliver supplies to Mrs. Shuler and make a photographic and video record of the scene where Roger Shuler was arrested by Shelby County deputies. Many thanks to Mrs. Shuler for her courage and hospitality. UPDATE: I have cut a short video of Carol Shuler relating her husband’s […]

Rally For Roger: Legal Defense Fund Created For Legal Schnauzer

Please support our fundraiser for the Shulers’ legal defense fund. Roger Shuler, the Birmingham-area blogger known as Legal Schnauzer, was beaten and arrested one week ago today by Shelby County Sheriff’s deputies. They were acting on a warrant for failure to appear before a special, secret kangaroo court appointed by Judge Roy Moore of […]

A Casus Belli For The Southern Liberation Movement


I have enjoyed reading Michael Lind’s series of essays on the white, Southern conservative identity at the heart of the modern Republican Party — what he calls the “Southern Autonomy Project.” On Sunday, he published what would amount to a Declaration of War by progressive and liberal forces against the intransigent Tea Party agenda that […]

Crazy In Alabama

You know how the NRA always says that new gun laws won’t stop the latest tragedy from happening again? That is at least as true about SB15. Now sailing through the state house, this bill will make it a crime for an unauthorized adult to enter a school bus in the state of Alabama. Via School […]

Alabama Man Kills Bus Driver, Holds Child Hostage In His Backyard Bunker


FINAL UPDATE: The FBI has released pictures of Dykes’s property. Here is the speaking tube at his front gate: UPDATE 18: The FBI Special Agent In Charge thinks Jimmy Lee Dykes will have imitators: Richardson said the crime scene on Private Road 1539 has been secured by special agent bomb technicians. He said it could […]

Alabama Goes Full Retard, Elects “Twinkle”


Roy Moore is once again Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, replacing the last Democrat on the state’s highest bench. He says he won’t try bringing graven images into state buildings anymore, but rest assured he’s ready to decide cases according to holy law. Moore thanked supporters at his party for sticking with him […]

Alabama Will See Things We’ve Never Seen Before

Alabama won’t be getting a new dime of new revenue. Governor Robert Bentley has taken the no-new-taxes pledge, so instead lawmakers will fill the hole with cuts to Medicaid and S-CHIP programs. That’s right, the dermatologist-governor would rather take health care away from kids and poor people than, say, tax cigarettes. Principles! Dr. Pippa Abston attended […]