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The Jeremy Scahill Blame Continuum

The above chart from the CIA World Factbook shows population growth before and after President Ali Abdullah Saleh took power. Like Syria and Libya and Egypt, Yemen has not known family planning. All of them are patriarchal societies with burgeoning … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Missing SAMs

This is actually a threat. I experienced a SAM scare on a MAC flight into Kuwait once; it wasn’t fun, and it happened more than four years before the war with al-Qaeda was even on the horizon for most Americans. … Continue reading

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Moshtarak = Cooperation

The Huffington Post sees the Baradar capture as a confusing story about war fog: 10:39 AM ET — The fog of war in Pakistan. Joshua Foust at masterfully highlights the confusion over a) how the recent captures of Taliban … Continue reading

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Afghanistan Preemption

Around Marjah, a preemptive wintertime offensive aims to nip the rumored Taliban spring offensive in the bud. What with the successful arrest of Mullah Baradar, there’s been an unusually-high level of Pakistani-American cooperation lately, too. From the NYT: ISLAMABAD, Pakistan … Continue reading

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Morning Video

I can’t agree with Hinchey’s characterization. While I have no doubt the Bushies were uninterested in al-Qaeda or bin Laden after 9/11, failure at Tora Bora was more a result of incompetence than malice, IMHO.

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Divide and Conquer

From Global Post: KABUL — Moderate leaders of the Taliban say they have quietly and steadily made progress in third-party talks between the active Taliban insurgency and representatives of the Afghan and U.S. governments. Two Taliban leaders — who held … Continue reading

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Al Qaeda On The Run?

Signs of al-Qaeda relocating to Yemen and Somalia are good. It indicates that pressure by the Pakistani military in the Swat region is working. Yes, that’s at tremendous human cost. But it means al-Qaeda is looking for a new place … Continue reading

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