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The Syrian Experiment

As I said yesterday morning, China and Russia are using Syria as a laboratory for non-intervention. With a death toll already in the thousands, the opposition shows no sign of giving up and neither does Assad’s Alawite regime. A discussion … Continue reading

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Study: Most Americans Still Ignorant, Biased About Al Jazeera

Via Media Bistro, a study that suggests Al Jazeera still has light-years to go in the American mind. The study used relabeled clips of the Arab satellite channel and CNN International to determine audience bias: The findings that show differential … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Violence in Bahrain

The protests were peaceful, the regime wasn’t. Two were killed, dozens injured, and one ABC correspondent beaten. But that is how nonviolence works — by exposing the oppressor. This is as consequential to Bahrainis as the Pettus bridge to the … Continue reading

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Mighty Morphin Al Jazeera?

Neal Ungerleider at Felafel Mafia on rumors that Israeli media magnate Haim Saban, the producer behind Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, is trying to buy half of Qatari network Al Jazeera: Despite the fact that al-Jazeera is a basic component of … Continue reading

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