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Al Franken: Thune "Hasn’t Read The Bill"

It’s about time someone called out the GOP. Let’s all invite them back to the reality-based community.

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Jeff Sessions Voted For Gang Rape

Republican senators are somehow surprised by negative publicity over their vote endorsing Halliburton’s gang rape cover-up. Both of my senators have attempted damage control. In response to my email, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) sent me a letter that is a … Continue reading

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Republicans Favor Gang Rape

Via Sam Stein, we see a citizen asking the question every Republican in Congress ought to be made to answer: WOMAN: It meant everything to me that I was able to put the person who attacked me [behind bars]. And … Continue reading

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Sen. Franken Handles Town Hall Crowd

Via Oliver Willis, who is Kryptonite to Teh Stupid™, we see Al Franken handle the Teabag Terror with aplomb: It took a comedian to bring leadership to the Senate. Reid should just step aside now and let Franken show him … Continue reading

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