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Morning Awful: Congo War Rape

This is why I’m not an isolationist: Many of the victims said they were locked in dungeon-like conditions for several weeks while they were raped repeatedly by security forces. At least one woman died from her internal injuries, United Nations … Continue reading

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No Money For Peace

Suburban guerrilla and C & L goddess Susie Madrak brought my attention to this sorry situation: Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) is single-handedly blocking a bill that could bring an end to the longest-running war in Africa. Coburn, who never once … Continue reading

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Uganda Blowback

Back in the 1990s, Uganda became a hotbed for groups like the C-Street “family” and American evangelists who saw it as an opening for Christ in central Africa. The problem, of course, is the universal law of unintended consequences: For … Continue reading

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Morning Awful

We must kill Teh Gay in order to save them.

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Are The Graves Full Yet?

Sometimes, you just have to let a quote stand on its own: THE HAGUE, Netherlands — In an unusual defense against war crimes charges, former Liberian President Charles Taylor told judges Thursday that he saw nothing wrong with displaying the … Continue reading

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