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Their Right To Life Ends At Birth

The Republican Party became uniformly and absolutely pro-life during the same period in which it turned to tax cuts as religion. Christian morality got sucked out of the contemporary party’s policy and has been replaced with Ayn Rand’s morality. Via¬†ThinkProgress: … Continue reading

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Anarcho-Misogyny Apologetics in East Blogistan

One of the bloggers most responsible for Neal Rauhauser inflation in the wingnutosphere has some interesting views on the subjects of¬†promiscuity, choice, and responsibility. A volunteer flagged me with this beauty last night; I could hear the heavy breathing as … Continue reading

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The SB12 Transvaginal Ultrasound Blues

Posey Peep Show is a Vegas burlesque act. They’ve come up with an amusing little ditty about Alabama’s SB12, which would require rape-by-the-state for any woman seeking an abortion before 10 weeks gestation.

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Morning Awful: Right Wing Rape Rationalizations

The more Republicans deny they are the party that hates women, the more they keep hating women. The latest is from Idaho, where the state’s new abortion ultrasound bill passed the senate: In his closing debate in favor of SB … Continue reading

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American Republic at the Crossroads

Take your pick: progress or regress. You can only go in one direction. Win the future! By having one, because there is no future in fossil fuel dependence. The president’s eyes are wide open. Which brings us to the Republican … Continue reading

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Alabama Women Fight Back Against SB12

Hopefully there will be lots more of this.

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Clay Scofield Explains it All For You

Via Left in Alabama, video of Alabama’s Senator Clay Scofield being interviewed by a Huntsville reporter about his transvaginal ultrasound bill. My favorite part is when he graciously lets women avert their eyes from the screen while the state-mandated ultrasound … Continue reading

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Go Team Uterati!

At least once a week I think to myself, “this is the stupidest strip I’ve ever done.”

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Morning Awful: Alabama Ultrasound Sexual Torture

Alabama will dare to tread where Virginia faltered. HB418 and SB12 would require doctors to perform an invasive ultrasound if it would display the fetus more clearly — and they would have to describe the images to the woman if … Continue reading

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Compulsory Motherhood

Wherein Melissa Harris-Perry gives a history lecture and reveals how the Progressive Teddy Roosevelt (R-NY) viewed the only rights inherent to women did not include equality or the right to vote, but only the right to compulsory motherhood. Actually, Hitler’s … Continue reading

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The Sane Voice of Bill Moyers and the Cruel Stupidity of Bob McDonnell

Bill Moyers weighs in with the final word on the contraceptive brouhaha … What do you know? He’s right. It’s not about the government imposing itself on religion in any way. And the Catholic Church is making itself look silly, … Continue reading

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