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Ron Paul Should Stop Before He Hurts Himself

Final word about last night’s Republican debate: Ron Paul was utterly dissonant and actually incoherent. A few more debates and mainstream discourse will see Admiral Stockdale references; why is this man here? It is time for this farce to end. … Continue reading

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Mayans Not Concerned By Calendar

From GlobalPost, news that actual Mayans aren’t concerned by their supposedly-apocalyptic calendar:

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Mayan Calendar Context

I found this on WikiPedia. It’s a newspaper page from 1843 and the “Great Disappointment,” when Jesus failed to reappear for William Miller and his thousands of followers. Just food for thought as Mayan calendar nonsense builds momentum in the … Continue reading

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Faux Noise Apocalypse

Via HuffPo: Faux Noise pumping up apocalyptic paranoia is nothing new. Yes, they’re working in the plug for a John Cusack spectacular. But it fits Roger Ailes’s wacky zeitgeist quite well and I don’t expect this chyron to go away … Continue reading

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Balloon Boy’s Dad Is Apocalypse Nut

Gawker reportedly paid $8000 for the inside scoop on Richard Heene. Yes, it was a publicity stunt; Heene wanted to get a new reality show. But while Richard Thomas wanted to develop a science-based reality series, he says Heene had … Continue reading

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Morning Video

I’ve seen this before: a hole in the clouds with the sun glowing through it. Impressive, but not alien. Stand by for lots more of such sightings. From now until 2013, the mania for all things eschatological will only grow. … Continue reading

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PANIC! at the Movies

Look out! Disaster looms! The end is nigh! For those unfamiliar with the subject, the Mayan calendar supposedly ends on December 21st of 2012, which means the world is going to end in some terrible cosmic disaster just four days … Continue reading

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