Some Gentle Home Truths for Our British Friends

The British hate to be called on their faults. After all, they were our colonial masters who treated us like second-class citizens whilst taxing us like first class fools. They reserve the right to maintain the imperial high ground in passing judgement on the rest of the world, but try telling them about their shortcomings, […]

Cheating Isn’t Cheating When the British Do It


The British love to paint the Americans as sore losers and whingers, but BBC’s coverage of the 2012 London Olympics proves that their sports coverage is just as puerile, dire and unprofessional as any political cable news broadcast in the United States. In fact, some of the BBC’s commentators give Alex Wagner gravitas. Early last […]

Chris Matthews Needs to Teach His Son How Government Works

Amnesty International Protests U.S. Detentions At Guantanamo

Chris Matthews has interviewed Zack Galifianakis and Will Ferrell, who star in the up-coming film entitled The Campaign, which is, well, about a political campaign. During the interview, Chris mentioned that one of his sons has political views “to the Left of Obama.” Chris described the son in question as a perfectionist – in other […]

The BBC Is Not Necessarily the Best Because It’s Live


The Olympics have started. That’s something that is never forgotten in England (as opposed to Great Britain) because England doesn’t have a national holiday where Englishness can be celebrated. It’s bad form to celebrate Englishness these days in Britain. Really, they’re not very good in integrating their now multi-cultural society into feeling a part of […]

The President Speaking Southern

Many thanks to Imani Gandy, the indomitable Angry Black Lady, herself – not only a fellow alumna of my alma mater, but the savviest of all political pundits about today. She pointed me in the direction of this. Jonathan Chait has written a couple of articles about the infamous out-of-context remark made by the President and […]

John Sununu’s Pot and Kettle Moment

Seems there’s yet another euphemism for the word “black” in American English: unAmerican. Because that’s really what Republicans mean when they say that about our current President. So, here’s what Romney surrogate and attack dog, John Sununu, had to say earlier whilst in conversation with one of the ubiquitous Fox News resident blonde talking heads:- […]

Bob McDonnell Lies About the Amurrcan Pipple


Mrs Greenspan interviewed the less-than-illustrious Governor of my home state today. That would be the lying, overzealous, Carpetbagging misogynist named Bob McDonnell, he who speaks with a Philadelphia accent and pretends to know and speak for all Virginians. I still can’t figure out how he got elected. Well, yes, I can … he got elected […]