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Veteran blogging the culture wars from Alabama. Video journalist, mash-up artist, aspiring novelist, and metalhead. Expect bunnies, geekery, dark humor, and snarky empirical analysis to annoy idealists of all stripes. You can follow me on Twitter, but be ready 'cause it might get loud.

Emails StopRush Volunteers Have Gotten From Limbaugh’s Fans

Ever since professional astroturfer Brian Glickman identified ten StopRush volunteers last week and invited Rush Limbaugh’s fans to pester them by email, I’ve been collecting the results in a text file and posting at, where they keep getting taken … Continue reading

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Letter From Summersville Hospital

This is the fight the TeaParty maniacs want to wage. They wage war against the weakest among us in deference to the strongest. Continue reading

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The Inconvenient Truth About Net Neutrality

It’s a little late for Arianna Huffington’s editors to put President Obama’s face on this miserable movement failure. Continue reading

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William Hoge’s Christian Sadism In East Blogistan

William Hoge likes to pick on those he perceives as weak and helpless, and he says that his Christian faith drives him to it. Continue reading

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How Maryland’s Domestic Violence Laws Became A Right Wing Weapon Of Personal Destruction

A group of right-wing bloggers discovered a convenient legal loophole gave them a way to harass and bully a disabled man. Continue reading

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The Syrian Experiment

Unlike in Tripoli, there will be no direct American intervention in Damascus. At most, the United States and its Middle Eastern allies will continue to make the Syrian uprising possible through material support. Contrary to paranoiac expectations, President Obama does … Continue reading

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Rape Is Just One Horror During The Collapse Of Civilization In Westeros

This week’s episode of the HBO series based on George R.R. Martin’s novels has produced a big fan controversy over Jaime Lanister’s rape of Cersei. What are the directors trying to do with this scene, which is not in the … Continue reading

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Lawsuit Reveals Teen Was Groomed As Personal Sex Slave In The Duggar Family’s Movement

Phillips told the girl this was possible because his wife, Beall Phillips, “was going to die soon.” Continue reading

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Ukraine Leader Says Russia Wants To Set Southeast ‘On Fire’

Ukraine leader says Russia wants to set southeast ‘on fire’ (via AFP) Ukraine’s Western-backed leader on Tuesday accused Russia of trying to enflame the country’s southeast but said he would proceed cautiously against pro-Kremlin militias consolidating control in the volatile … Continue reading

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Did Flight MH370′s Copilot Try To Say Goodbye?

As the search zone narrows and unmanned submarines begin to search the ocean floor for signs of a missing Malaysian Airlines jet, investigators have revealed that copilot Fariq Abdul Hamid tried to use his cell phone as the plane passed … Continue reading

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NV Gov. Sandoval Defends Extremists Interfering With Federal Government Activity

Cliven Bundy has been using federal lands to raise his cattle. Now that the BLM is putting a stop to it, Bundy is enlisting everyone from the Oathkeepers to Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval in his cause. Continue reading

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