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Emails StopRush Volunteers Have Gotten From Limbaugh’s Fans


Ever since professional astroturfer Brian Glicklich identified ten StopRush volunteers last week and invited Rush Limbaugh’s fans to pester them by email, I’ve been collecting the results in a text file and posting at, where they keep getting taken down by the embarrassed people who wrote them. Funny how Glicklich’s “sauce for the liberal goose” is no good for the conservative gander, isn’t it?

These emails — especially the ones written to women, by men — put the best of Rush’s ignorant, illiterate, misogynist, and bigoted fandom on full display. Just to underline how dishonest Glicklich is, some of these emails threaten employment consequences to a Kent State professor who has actually been retired for years.

Les Spagnoli – [email protected]
What a slime bucket you are! I assume you will be going to jail over your attempt to damage a great American. I also assume you will be broke when you are sued by Rush & the businesses you intentionally tried to harm. What a waste of a life and the air you’ve been breathing.

Bret Rathwick – [email protected]
The founding fathers disapprove of your tactics. Free speech is paramount. You are pathetic.

Tom Bradford – [email protected]
You fucking cunt. You are a worthless oiece of communist shit. You sgould be lined up on a wall and done to whst they use to do with worthless people like you. Hope your whole fsnily will finally realize how fake you as a person snd a humsn bring. You need to go crawl undrr a rock snd die you oiece of shit.

Barbara Nalbach – [email protected]

Is it true you misrepresented yourself, as an unhappy consumer of Rush Limbaugh’s program advertisers ? Did your negative emails to sponsors cause them to stop advertising on rush limbaughs radio show ?

Matthew Malaikal – [email protected]
Hey Nancy,

You are a real genius. As a per fester of education, you know nothing about education. Let me see an Ed.D. makes you qualified for nothing except in your pinhead brain. You have been outed. We know where you live and what car you drive and where you shop. You brought this upon yourself!

[email protected]
..I’ve listened to rush for nearly 10 years every time when i get a chance. i have never heard him say anything racist or derogatory to women in general or to gays…but Rush’s program is in the best satirical, American radio tradition. he got the liberals numeber and it is hilarious to see him baiting you and how you all react. he predicts it and by is he right…there the libs come like lambs to the slaughter…but he is not mean and he is ready to talk…why don’t you engage him in debates and see h0ow your pint of view matches his….??? Huuum??? as he would say.

But also, i was born in Cuba and emigrated in 1960. the first thing old Fidel di was exterminate free press leaven only one newspaper where before there were like 89 dailies in Havana alone. we had 5 strong, nation wide radio stations and a black and white TV as good as any in the US (really)(there was color too but really bad on only maybe 100 tv’s to carry it.)

When the Revolution had managed to quiet opposition chaos reign free and has been living well and healthy in Soviet Cuba.

it really is a shame that liberalism has gone so far to the Left. Do you all really think you can still call the shots when the Bolsheviks take over?…history shows that the “fellow travelers” are the first to disappear.

Have great weekend,

Ed Blanco
FIU Law Library.
Miami, Fl

Mitchell Meyer – [email protected]
Support the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution, leave Rush Alone!

Mitchell Meyer

Anonymous – [email protected]
does your employer know that you are against free speech? and use their email for your blind hatred of everything Conservative?

Gary Holmes  – [email protected]
You are disgusting!!! Long live Rush!!!

Richard Rinehart – [email protected]
Can’t believe that Kent State would allow you to tweet such garbage..I think I will call the chancellor and ask him if he allows this.

Bobbe Stehr [email protected]
Why don’t you act like an adult, call Rush Limbaugh’s program and actually have a debate with him on whatever topic or topics you believe he’s wrong about. Pretending to be a customer of any of his sponsors is pathetic, and using your Kent State “status” is dishonest and immature.

I’m assuming that you speak English and would be capable of engaging in an idealogical debate, however, if that’s not the case, you could have someone from the University help you compose some talking points to discuss with Mr. Limbaugh.

Frankly you should be ashamed of yourself. Thousands of other Kent State current students and alumni are ashamed of you for your fraudulent activities.

In life, it’s always best to be honest and take the high road, instead of the deceitful way you’ve been carrying on your “stop Rush” campaign.

Sincerely, one of the many

Justin Look – [email protected]
Dear Ms. Padak,

Your attempts to limit free speech by trying to organize a boycott of advertisers of Rush Limbaugh should not be tolerated by a learning institution. Employees of any “educational” institution should be honest and above-board, not liars and deceitful, mean-spirited.

I hope the you will be investigated by the University as I am sure you are illegally using their resources and time for your Anti-American Conspiracy. I hope the President of your University will take necessary actions to investigate your un-American and illegal activities and to remove you as soon as possible.


Jim Standish

Bob Guard – [email protected]
Have you no shame?

William Young – [email protected]
Leave Rush alone!

[email protected]
Stop Badgering people and go back to work!
Oh you’re a liberal tenured professor…..
Who cares!
Bill Ebeling
Buhler, KS
[email protected]
Call me anytime

Bill Braunlich – [email protected]
To whom it may concern,

It should be in the best interest of Kent State University to request that Ms. Padak take unpaid leave or encourage to remove herself from the Ohio Literacy Alliance.

While further investigations take place to determine the accuracy of the news that she is attempting to smear a private citizen and businesses that deal with one Rush Limbaugh, she should be as genuine as she claims to be and cooperate with the investigation and remove herself from OLA.

Should these accusations become true, OLA and the Kent State University should be appalled that somebody with her stature would do such a thing. I just don’t think she represents what the Ohio Literacy Alliance and Kent State University stand for.


One concerned citizen

John Kennerson – [email protected]
Not a surprise that liberals would resort to underhanded means to stop Rush. However this targeting of sponsors, including apparently local ones, borders on criminal. I am glad the names of these idiots have been released. Let\u2019s hope they soon get involved in a RICO law suit. It would be interesting to know how these individuals from different parts of the country became involved in this apparent conspiracy. My guess is a connection with some George Soros funded group.

Adios commies

Jim Robinette – [email protected]
Just curious why a college President would be involved in a smear campaign to stop the most popular radio talk show host in America. I am disappointed by not surprised that the academic world would rather indocrinate as opposed to educate the population. If this is truely a free market economy, why not allow free speech and the free support of such speech?
I know that you will probably not even read this email, but for a University President to be engaging in this type of bullying activity with sponsors of a program; it is cheap and unbecomming. I am glad I chose to attend BGSU and get my Masters from Liberty University. You are a poor example of what the American Education systems have become.

Jim Robinette

Nancy Ziegler – [email protected]
get out of the United States. Go live in Iraq, or Iran, or Pakistan. See how women are treated there. You will not survive. Rush stimulates thought, creates discussion and exposes the real truth behind Soros and his followers. You are who we don’t want here. You don’t deserve to teach anywhere.

Praise God for freedom of speech.

George Soros is mentally unstable! How can you and the DCCC support his twisted chaotic method of bringing down governments through manipulation. He wants a One World Government to control the masses of people who will be slaves to the power hungry criminals hiding behind governments around the globe.

Ernie M – [email protected]
Imagine Rush asking his 18 million listeners to send you emails

Another retired educator

Joel Richert – [email protected]
Professor Nancy,

I would think that you have better things to do (like teach students!) than to spread your garbage on Twitter. Grow up!

Anonymous – [email protected]
Fucking LIBERAL.

Patrick Jill Borovansky – [email protected]
I don’t like Limbaugh but if what he says is true, you should be fired from your job.

Terry Meyer – [email protected]
Terry G. Meyer, Ph.D.

Anonymous – [email protected]
You pathetic libs/lefties cannot beat Rush Limbaugh.

We know that it is bitter for you to hear him denounce the lib/lefty nonsense, and the United States is better for his noble work.

You do know that Carbonite suffered for cutting Rush out of their advertising and are sorry they did, while I Drive is thriving. Many of our friends, and we personally, have intentionally bought products from Rush´s advertisers to nullify your efforts and as a result, Rush is doing very well in the area of responses to his advertisers.

We suggest you move to Cuba or Venezuela, where your kind of dishonest coercion is not only tolerated as long as it is for the socialist ideology, but encouraged. Even Russia, which has still not learned its lessons from the failure of the totalitarian mechanisms needed to keep the people thinking that any day now the Communist paradise will work for you, the citizen, the worker.
President, Outcome Based Medicine

tsimsh – [email protected]
Dear Ms. Padak – Is it true that you are using your publicly funded position as a platform to influence Amercian businesses on their advertising decisions?

If so how would this be at all appropriate behavior?

Stephen Dami – [email protected]

Anonymous – [email protected]
Nancy, are you a little anti-capitalist? Nancy, how can you speak for Kent State on issuing low ratings to advertisers on the highly rated (audience size) Rush Limbaugh radio show? You are injecting personal opinion into the state university official realm. Is that kosher behavior, Nancy? I doubt it. What a pitiful liberal you are.

Gorrell A Thompson – [email protected]
You’re obviously not a free expression advocate.

Anonymous – [email protected]
We are a group of alumni who are furious that you are leading this Rush Limbaugh attack. Where is free speech. Why is a Kent State professor using the University to limit speech We will do everything possible tom get rid of you

I am but and 67 year old non high school graduate male with time on his hands, and I wonder could this really be true of a person who has come so fare, to attack the liberty of those much less fortunate than you’re self ? To criminally attack small Business who support a conservative entertainer ? Here is what I read tell me its not so.

Anonymous – [email protected]
In the concepts of liberty, free enterprise, how one can hate or try to limit the hard working, who run small business and believe in capitalism, Is this really not the “I know many of you in liberal academia find the ability of the un-educated to find success in America though drive and small business hateful…but why ? We all deserve a trial by our peers in this case the peers are all the contributors to Kent State ?

Miller Smith – [email protected]
please at least have the class to use your own private email in your own personal resources when you do stupid things.

Alan Abel [email protected]
Stop Rush.
Good luck, with that!
Fuck you.
Long live Rush!

Dick Black – [email protected]
……. loser

Dave Sanders  – [email protected]
Socialist pig.
If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.
Samuel Adams

Mark Abrams – [email protected]
I have read allegations that you are engaged in a conspriracy to financially damage certain radio personalities whose political views you disagree with. I am hoping you can and will categorically deny these allegations . Were they true they would reflect very poorly upon you and, should your employer take no action against you, the institution that employs you.

Les Spagnoli – [email protected]
How dare you call yourself a teacher. Your a failure. I would never send my child to Kent to be taught to think & act in such an insane, immoral, illegal and unethical way. You are a disgrace and should be immediately fired! You’ve tainted the University’s reputation as well as your own!

Jim Lewis – [email protected]
Hi Nancy Padak,
Ain’t this a great country. We have the right to say whatever we want! We also have the right to “enjoy” the consequences of our rights. You may or may not be a little busier than you have been. Maybe, if help was needed, the Democrat party would help. Enjoy!

Jim – [email protected]
You are loathsome people, unwilling to debate in the public arena of ideas. Why is that? Because liberalism is a lie, the Big Con; and the facts don’t support your case.

So, you revert to hate and devious attacks on the truth with your silly crappy attack on Rush. That’s the only thing you can do to make yourselves feel important, to have self worth. But it’s a phony feeling.

But then, it’s impossible to have a decent debate with a liberal.

Tell me, what do you do when the demons come out from under the bed at night?


Ozi – [email protected]
No. Stopping losers like you.
Neptune, N.J.

Tom Bradford – [email protected]
Hello you dumb cunt leave your communist agenda at home snd from the children and young adults of this country. You are heading straight to the hottezt patts of hell. Plus we are goi n g to be petitioning and irganizing orotest for you to resign your oosition you are a poison to the siciety of the need to go to prison.

Bret Rathwick – [email protected]
Why do you want to silence people who disagree with you? Is that what you teach at Kent State?

John Wagner – [email protected]
Professor Padak;

Kent State, of all places should embrace free speech, on both sides of the debate. I find it funny that universities, held high as bastions of tolerance and free debate, speech and idea sharing are just the opposite; intolerant and suppressing opposing opinions.

You and I would probably be on opposite sides as I am a conservative, white, Christian, middle aged male. But I would also love to hear your side and would listen patiently, ask questions and have a great discussion and probably learn something. But we would still disagree with each other, which is fine.

Why the intolerance with Rush Limbaugh and his show? Don’t listen. Do you not believe in free speech? I would defend your free speech rights. To the death.


John Wagner

Stephen Dami – [email protected]

John McCracken – [email protected]
Thanks for adding to my list of confirmed bitter liberals. You people are so fun to watch when your “underlings” don’t live as you see fit. Your application to the Libertarian movement has been declined.

jacarty64 – [email protected]
You communist whore.

jacarty64 – [email protected]
You communist piece of crap whore.

Will Mason – [email protected]

Gorrell A Thompson – [email protected]
sitting in front of the computer all day would leave anyone lonely!

Joe Nordgaard [email protected]
I see you are part of an illegal campaign to attack Rush Limbaugh’s sponsors.

You commies make me sick. I hope my friends take the time to tell you the same…every few days till you stop.

Also Kent State University should be made aware of your illegal activities using work resources.

Al Bore [email protected]
How does it feel to work for a paranoid, chain-smoking, schizophrenic nut job with a tiny flaccid penis like David Brock?

Does he have to bend over every time he wants more funding from Uncle Georgie (Soros), the Nazi sympathizer?

But then again, FUGLY liberal women are used to “men” with tiny balls, & limp dicks.. I mean what red-blooded American male could possibly get stiff looking into the face of Debbie ‘I comb my hair with a pork chop’ Wasserman-Schultz?

If there was a battle fought in the ‘War on Women’ it was fought on Nancy Pelosi’s face!

Joe Nordgaard – [email protected]
Here is a great framing of what these creeps are doing…

They are nothing but “thought Nazis.” Remember “the debate is over.”

You have nothing to say for yourself.

Please send my your supervisors email… I think the Univ should know what you are up to – oh wait…I have the internet…never mind. I hope you get fired.

I see you are part of an illegal campaign to attack Rush Limbaugh’s sponsors.

You commies make me sick. I hope my take the time to tell you the same…every few days till you stop.

Jeffrey Miller – [email protected]
I hear you’re crying about the #1 rated radio host in America for the past 20+ years. Too bad you dumb cunt. There’s not a thing you can do to stop Rush Limbaugh. Now change your nasty tampon and go suck some dick.

Tim Timmermans – [email protected]
You are a disgraceful human being. You bully businesses you have never been to, or ever intend going to. Look in the mirror. You are a horrible person.

Darryl Chambers – [email protected]
Nazi Lover Socialist.
You don’t deserve to live in America. People like you deserve to be introduced to ISIS. YOU never help America. In fact YOUR worthless. You never went in the Military and your Mom and Dad should be in jail for creating a selfish dumb individual as yourself. PEOPLE have died to give you FREEDOM and you are a Union piece of garbage. The way Obama running this country. Our country is coming to and end. When Isis conquers America and you and your family will see how Isis can behead Americans. Enjoy your life now because the Radical Muslims will be in a city near you.

Dr. J. D. Villa – [email protected]

Traderbully – [email protected]
I love Rush and will forever learn and teach by what I have learned from him over the years. And I have many more years on this earth.

Ronntz – [email protected]
You want to take Rush off the air for the very freedoms you enjoy? I say we pass new laws to clarify the engine you use to break them.

Tom Hogbee – [email protected]
You are a DESPICABLE HUMAN BEING. Leave our country and go live where you belong with Communists and Stalinists!!!

D. Utley – [email protected]
You want to silence Rush? You realize, of course, that it is the speech we most disagree with that is most worthy of First Amendment Protection, right? The very purpose of the First Amendment was to protect speech that we find distasteful, disgusting and repulsive. Have you forgotten that in your campaign?

Do you really think that the taxpayers should support your crusade against Rush? Do you really think that you should be using Kent State’s servers to push your campaign of hatred? I don’t listen to Rush at all as I think that he’s a broken record wind bag with no real solutions to the problems being caused by liberalism out of control. Yet, I am troubled that you used Kent State resources to push and further your campaign of hatred. Is this the kind of left-wing garbage that you pushed at my alma mater? Rather than try to silence him, why don’t you debate him? Why don’t you counteract him? Why don’t you work to show why you think he’s wrong?

Do you go around burning books you disagree with? That’s happened before, y’know. Why don’t you walk on over to Bowman Hall and take some classes on tolerance and history. You might learn what happens when the “all knowing political elitists” seek to stifle opposition discourse. Isn’t it funny – it’s always you left-wing elitists that try to silence the opposition.

Thank you.
David G. Utley

Anonymous – [email protected]
Liberal Bully’s
You are exposed.
Please stop your childish harassment.
It’s really not working

Todd – [email protected]
So glad that Rush has exposed you for the bully and fraud that you are.
Somehow, I’m not surprised at that behavior from a Kent professor.
A proud University of Akron alum

Rita Yost – [email protected]
Stop trying to get Rush silenced!!! We need more like Him!! He tells the truth about what is really going on in this country and its not good!!

Anonymous – [email protected]
You are listed as one of the activists who are trying to silence Rush Limbaugh.

What is amazing to me is liberals’ lack of understanding concerning what eventually happens to them; they realize far too late they are just pawns in a power game. That is to say, you and those who are of like mind are mere useful tools to probagate their agenda, and when they reach their goal of a Marxist/Communist and/or Socialist state, you are no longer the useful pawns you once were, and you will find yourselves as just another citizen of no particular value, thereby being cast adrift.

Remember, nothing owns the soul like power, and because the triumphant power seekers never gain enough power, they will not only abandon you, they will prosecute you.

So enjoy your brief moment in the sun; it’s going to end in a crash when you realize far too late you are no longer useful to them.

Incidentally, please note the lack of vulgarity and insult in this correspondence. You will rarely find similar responses when liberals communicate with those with whom they disagree.

Are you able to respond similarly?

Michael Sellar – [email protected]
I went to I purchased stuff I did not want or need, just bacuase your losers. Limbaugh living rent free in your heads, he has the stereo on full blast and is Irish dancing.

Todd Groom – [email protected]
P L E A S E S T O P H A R A S S I N G R U S H L I M B A U G H !!!!!

Louie Hanna – [email protected]
Leave Rush alone! What the hell is wrong with you?

Olympia Guy – [email protected]
Hello my friendly Left Wing 2 time obama voting empty headed puppet democrat lemming automatons! How does it feel to be void of reason and intellectual fortitude? If only you could experience what it is like to have an independent thought. I am a proud patron of Rush Limbaugh’s advertisers. Not because I love Rush, but because I detest the lunacy that oozes its way from blow hard vacuous cranial cavities such as the likes of you 10 “Heroes of Stupidity.” What a joke you guys are! LOL. This is how you choose to spend your pitiful lives? Hilarious. Meanwhile Barack, the warmonger is busy making bloody war on the face of the earth…killing people with drones, killing people with missiles, killing people with bombs, (and who knows what else), while you fully support his maniacal war machine. I’ll bet you just had this thought in between your two brain cells knocking together….”Yea, but Bush…._____” Wait a minute! Stop right there my liberal nut heads. Before you commit your Bushman (i.e. Strawman) fallacy, did I say I like Bush? Did I say I like republicans? I loathe Bush. Bush was a warmonger, just like Obama, and just like the sick vile HIllary, whom you all get tingles over.
You are 10 lunatics now exposed. And I celebrate and laugh at the consequences of your little “campaign” that is now going to come crashing down on your pea brains.

Gary Holmes – [email protected]
You are disgusting!! Long live Rush!!!
Gary Holmes
Lubbock, TX

Ioan Dirina – [email protected]
Dear recipient,

Please take a glimpse at a few free excerpts from my rare spiritual book at, some of which are devoted to public policy matters, meant to warn readers that our country is being invaded, and this time the enemy is already inside the gate.

In a few decades, our America will be gone forever. In its place will arise a country unrecognizable to our parents. This is the trust also of Pat Buchanan’s book “Suicide of a Superpower”. America was born a Western Christian republic, writes Buchanan, but is being transformed into a multiracial, multicultural, multilingual, multiethnic stew of a nation that has no successful precedent in the history of the world.

Order it at 1-800-699-6397 or [email protected] and wake up before is too late!

Jim – [email protected]
You are loathsome people, unwilling to debate in the public arena of ideas. Why is that?
Because liberalism is a lie, the Big Con; and the facts don’t support your case.

So, you revert to hate and devious attacks on the truth with your silly crappy attack on Rush.
That’s the only thing you can do to make yourselves feel important, to have self worth. But it’s a phony feeling.

But then, it’s impossible to have a decent debate with a liberal.

Tell me, what do you do when the demons come out from under the bed at night?

Neptune, N.J.

Izzy Oleinik – [email protected]
Are you grading a business that you do not use?

Eric [email protected]
You are a piece of shit for a human!

[email protected]
all of you fraudster fuckers are exposed
F U!

James – [email protected]
I love rush
U are the racist

Nicholas Hayman – [email protected]
Communists burn in hell when they die, will you join them when it’s your time to go? Probably yes, may you live 100 years, to wallow in your hate.

Steve Hennigan – [email protected]

Dennis Trepanier – [email protected]
Rush tells the TRUTH About where we are going and what’s wrong with America! You all should be ashamed of yourselves! Bunch of leftist fools!

Shay Cooper – [email protected]
Your a fruit cake!

Casey McCue – [email protected]
What an anti-American piece of liberal Progressive shit you are… bend over and kiss you own ass!

Chesty Puller – [email protected]
How’s it feel knowing that Rush blew the cover on your blackmail scheme??? Will be interesting to see if any criminal charges come from this. Here’s a thought, trying having the truth on your side at least every once in a while. Makes things so much easier. However, that would require a moral compass, and you have made clear that yours is missing or broken.

Dave U. Random – [email protected]
Not a surprise that liberals would resort to underhanded means to stop Rush. However this targeting of sponsors, including apparently local ones, borders on criminal. I am glad the names of these idiots have been released. Let\u2019s hope they soon get involved in a RICO law suit. It would be interesting to know how these individuals from different parts of the country became involved in this apparent conspiracy. My guess is a connection with some George Soros funded group.

Adios commies

Anonymous – [email protected]
some times life catches up to us all

Anonymous – [email protected]
Has a right to his opinion , if you don’t like it? Learn to use the off button on your am radio FOOL

Gorrell A Thompson – [email protected]
free expression and fools truly do not integrate well.

jacarty64 – [email protected]
Communist whore.

Ozi – [email protected]
Stopping rush? No, stopping fools like you.

Joey Daugh – [email protected]

Keith Dunbar – [email protected]
Just another liberal fanatic. You have never told the truth to anyone about anything. Lies and untruths. Make up the rules as you go along crying ass liberal.

Eric – [email protected]
Just because you don’t like some ones views does not make your views right. Go eat a dick!

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  • neatjunk

    I’ve been writing each of them with their email message as the body of the email :)

  • Seamus

    Sharing far and wide. You rock Matt!

  • KathleenVS

    A in Name Calling; C in Vulgarity; F in Christianity; F in Understanding Amendment I

  • Jim Em

    I only read 10% or so of the responses, all of which were profanity laced bullying. Which only stands to reason, they get their lessons from the worst bully on the air.

  • Warren Taylor

    I see a lot of “free speech” advocates here. Again, the first amendment protects speech against gov’t intrusion, not from private citizens who are attacking another private citizen. “Congress shall make no law…abridging freedom of speech.” I don’t think this means what they think it means.

  • Wait, so now you are whining that people are emailing the people who have been harassing advertisers? Isn’t that a bit hypocritical of you?

  • doesn’t look like whining to me. But it’s nice to see contact info for the people who will harass on Rush’s command. Is YOUR email/phone number in there?

  • Idiot, I am posting under my REAL name while YOU hide behind a fake, screen name. You are just another leftist hypocrite.

  • Anonymous political speech is as American as the anonymously written Federalist Papers, which convinced Americans to adopt our Constitution.

    Also when you’re a name-calling big fat ugly meanie like Todd Warner Houston, you should probably opt for Anonymous speech so nobody calls you a fat, angry, humorless old sow. Cuz you wouldn’t want people to think of your mean angry unsmiling face while insulting you.

  • Just like a brainless liberal. First you accuse me of not having my name out in public like your brave leftists who are attacking Limbaugh advertisers (even tho they originally did not intend to go public with their activism themselves). I inform you that my name certainly is public and you then change your argument to something else–and something I never disputed in the first place.

    You are a typical, disgusting, braindead leftist moron and you prove that by not being able to read well enough to spell my name correctly.


  • You don’t seem to have reading comprehension. I simply asked you a question and you freaked out and started hurling insults. You’re not obvs not mature enough to handle the internet where literally millions and millions of people say whatever they want, whenever they want, to whomever they choose under whatever name or handle they want. must not have much work for you nowadays. I know that took a lot of effort composing sentences and thinking of mean things to say. Rage on, bitter man, rage on! it’ll totally change mainstream society and the media and make people hate gays if you just rage out a little harder

  • Another idiot reply. You started the vitriol then get your soiled panties in a bunch when I reply in kind. You left-wingers are disgusting.

  • Yuck. Please don’t think about my panties, sir. You have crossed a line.

  • From your posts you have been doing a line.

  • Freedom of Speech =/= immunity from consequences.

  • Whining? No, I am SO GLAD to put Limbaugh’s WONDERFUL fans on display.

  • Jimmy Wade

    Thanks Matt.

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