EXCLUSIVE: Roger Shuler Arrest Scene Photos (VIDEO UPDATE)

Yesterday, I carried out a successful mission to deliver supplies to Mrs. Shuler and make a photographic and video record of the scene where Roger Shuler was arrested by Shelby County deputies. Many thanks to Mrs. Shuler for her courage and hospitality.

UPDATE: I have cut a short video of Carol Shuler relating her husband’s version of events during his arrest.

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  • Ken Bonerigo

    They bring a judge out of retirement to do their dirty work because if the republican thugs in Alabama got a sitting judge to do it he would be removed and disbarred.

    Sent $50 to paypal at the “Donation” link at Legal Schnauzer website as a donation against criminal rethugs in Alabama.

  • muselet

    Talking Points Memo has picked up the story as well, including a link to this story.


  • http://taxbuyz.com/ Robby Scott Hill

    No doubt. Thanks for supporting the resistance!

  • http://taxbuyz.com/ Robby Scott Hill

    Word. Honkys be acting like thugs in Shelby County, yo.