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Talking To The FBI

One week ago today, someone made a false report to the FBI concerning an apparent threat to their Buffalo, NY office. At about four o’clock in the afternoon, I was notified that a Special Agent from the Birmingham office was looking for me at my mail drop address accompanied by a local police officer. I arrived shortly thereafter to meet them. They were confused by the situation, which I unraveled as much as possible in about twenty minutes. I will not discuss specific details of the incident at this time except to say that it began with an odd Twitter account that retweeted me once in the wee hours of Friday morning. Right away, I saw that the account was associated with others that are part of the narrative threads of this blog over the last sixteen months.

Upon arriving home, I learned that R.J. Sterling of Erie, Pennsylvania received a similar visit a little earlier that afternoon. His first reaction was to say they needed to talk to me. Since then, the same Twitter accounts that constantly exhort people to contact R.J.’s workplace have crowed about the “achievement” of getting the FBI to visit him at home. This delusional behavior has a long history. Last year, R.J. was one of the first people that¬†Jason Wade Taylor¬†tried to recruit; some months later, Taylor phoned the Erie police department to report a bomb at R.J.’s place of employment.

The FBI does not consider either of us suspects, and both of us are cooperating. I have already been on a call with the Buffalo office and provided a great deal of information to them by email. One source within the Bureau says that an arrest has already been made, but the Buffalo office will neither confirm or deny that report. I will update as soon as further information becomes available.

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