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Survivor! A Fundraiser For @EileenLeft

Lots of liberal and progressive Tweeps know that @EileenLeft, the creator of #ConnectTheLeft, had to walk away from her activism because her son needed treatment for a brain tumor. Her boy went to the hospital again recently: blood clots in his brain had to be treated with medication and drainage stents. A widow, she and her son finally returned home again yesterday after more than a week in the hospital. This emergency also took her away from work once more, and she had only just gotten back to earning a paycheck. On top of all that, her landlord now seems to think he can evict her from a house that he has refused to maintain.

Despite all these troubles, Eileen is proud, and doesn’t want to accept help. She also fears that using her email address to open a PayPal account will invite further attacks from certain parties on Twitter, a fear that I find legitimate. So instead, I’m throwing out my own PayPal button again; it’s coded to submit donations to Eileen’s Survivor Fund. I will forward whatever lands in my account with that earmark to Eileen — whether she wants it or not — because it’s okay to need help sometimes.

UPDATE 12 PM 17 SEP: I have just transferred $720 to Eileen’s PayPal account. Thanks to everyone who donated, and a special thanks to everyone who helped get the word out. It means almost as much to me as I’m sure it means to her.

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