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#StopRush Down To Stripping Limbaugh’s PSAs


A dedicated StopRush volunteer named Carol Wallin will deliver 188,000 signatures to the AARP’s Washington, DC office at 10:00 AM today asking them to pull their PSAs from his show. I cannot improve on this press release.

On Thursday, July 25, a representative from #StopRush will deliver a petition of 188,000 signatures to the AARP Office in Washington, DC. The petition asks AARP to request stations move AARP to the “No Rush Play List” to support civil discourse. As one petition signer from California stated, “I will be old enough to join AARP in a few years but as I hear the things Rush says about women, minorities, and seniors, I wonder how well you are representing seniors by being associated with him. Please redeem yourselves and remove your public service announcements from his show.”

AARP PSA’s are filling dead air on the Rush Limbaugh Show. Limbaugh calls women “feminazis,” “infobabes,” “sexretaries,” and, worst of all, “sluts” and “prostitutes.” Limbaugh calls Latinos “weak,” “lazy,” and “unskilled.” And, in the wake of the Trayvon Martin murder trial, Limbaugh even used the “N-word” and claimed it was not racist. “If seniors can afford their worthless offspring moving back in with them, just how poverty-stricken are they?”

Over 2,600 advertisers have stopped supporting Limbaugh’s shows, and AARP shouldfollow suit. The AARP name placement is free and in partnership with the Ad Council. This does not lessen the impact a name with a good reputation can do to lend credence to Rush Limbaugh’s racist and sexist language.

#StopRush volunteers have worked tirelessly to make sure there is dead air on Limbaugh’s breaks, and none have worked harder than Carol. We are closer than ever to the day his entire program break is dead air. Click here to see the petition. 

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