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Brett Kimberlin Is Not The Watchful Avenger


Prompted by some tweets, last night I did something that I have avoided doing for over a year now. By reaching out to a few contacts, I obtained Brett Kimberlin’s phone number and called him. We spoke for a few minutes — just enough time for me to establish that one of the primary tales his detractors spread about him is simply untrue: Brett Kimberlin is not the Watchful Avenger of I have spoken with the Avenger on the phone a couple of times now, too, and can definitively say their voices and speech patterns aren’t even remotely similar.

I realize this news will be rejected by the Walker Clan, which has relentlessly pursued a bizarre vendetta against Mr. Kimberlin for years as they developed into a kind of Westboro Baptist Church that files lawsuits instead of picketing funerals. It is easier for them to believe the website is Kimberlin’s creation than accept that they have ever been wrong about anything. But they are wrong about this, as they are wrong about so much else in this story, and it points to the primary reason why the Walker Clan has failed to penetrate the wider media world with their stupid fantasy of harassment by an evil mastermind.

Any reporter who commits a few acts of journalism  — even minimal due diligence — will quickly debunk their narrative on key points like this one, and wisely refrain from reporting it quite their way. Correspondents like Robert Stacy McCain and Lee Stranahan lack any journalistic integrity, however, which is why they spew these fables at high volume and then insist they are only being ignored because of Brett Kimberlin’s sinister, unseen stranglehold on the media. It’s all a conspiracy!

Indeed, the conspiracy conveniently includes anyone and everyone with a contrary opinion about Kimberlin, or who debunks any point in the Walker Clan’s story. This dismissive rationalization is absolute: Kimberlin is the most evil human being alive, so anyone who deconstructs their mythology about him must be at least as evil as he is, right? And so they carry on with their obscure persecution narrative, blissfully unaware and unconcerned that they look like idiots.

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