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Moments Brought To You By #StopRush: Limbaugh’s New Contract


Even after admitting that #StopRush has ruined his advertiser base, Rush Limbaugh is deflecting blame for the resulting losses at Cumulus Media — and says that if the CEO doesn’t stop saying mean things about him costing the company money, why he’ll just disappear in a cloud of butthurt. POLITICO:

The news of Limbaugh’s possible departure comes one day ahead of Cumulus’s Tuesday earnings call, at which Dickey is once again likely to address the impact the Fluke controversy has had on advertising. The source close to the show described Dickey’s remarks about advertising revenue as unjustified, and said such “criticism” of Limbaugh had resulted in the consideration to leave the company.

Nothing is ever Rush Limbaugh’s fault, especially not the words that come out of his mouth. This story, which also ran at the New York Daily News website, is a desperate and futile attempt to puff up his deflated brand image. With his Cumulus contract running out this year, Limbaugh cannot justify his current compensation level when his presence hurts company revenues so badly.

Furthermore, even if Limbaugh changes networks it will not stop thousands of volunteers from switching stations and contacting his new sponsors. #StopRush is happy to help any radio network find out what the CEO of Cumulus Media already knows. And Limbaugh knows that.

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