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Jason Wade Taylor Arrested, Held As “Fugitive From Justice” (UPDATE)

Jason Wade Taylor's mugshot from a 2007 arrest

Jason Wade Taylor’s mugshot from a 2007 arrest

Jason Wade Taylor aka “Randy Hahn” was arrested Saturday afternoon at an off-ramp on Interstate 25 in El Paso County, Colorado after assaulting a woman he had met online. While she did not press charges, he is being held as a fugitive from justice. A hearing will be held today in Colorado Springs and this post will update as further information becomes available.

Taylor is a career criminal who gained notoriety last year after his attempted “long con” of progressive Twitter communities was exposed as a fraud. Enabled by a compliant source, Taylor then engaged in doxing, harassing, and threatening activists in the #stoprush hashtag for several months. His forays into podcasting were all deleted by the host after he made drunken death threats against his victims, and many of his innumerable Twitter accounts have been deleted for Terms of Service violations. Taylor’s most recent return to the microphone involved live, on-air false police reports to harass his former girlfriend and co-host.

Hopefully this latest turn will bring an end to his social media psychopathy. It was only a matter of time before Taylor enacted his violent online fantasies in real life.

UPDATE 1: Taylor is “fugitive” from a felony warrant in Houston. His hearing today was on the bond for his local charge. As a previous bail-jumper with no visible means of support, it is very unlikely he was granted bail. He will have a second hearing, this time for the Texas warrant, on May 7th.

UPDATE 2: Taylor was not granted bond or bail. He will actually have two hearings on the 7th, a disposition hearing at 8:30 am and a pre-trial conference at 1:30 pm. There are indications that his Texas charge is for theft and is being dismissed. This post will update with clarification as soon as possible.

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