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The Walker Jihad And The Stranahan Clan


Aaron Walker is not a very good lawyer. In fact, he’s a pretty terrible one. His lawsuit against Brett Kimberlin was ordered out of federal court months ago. Dan Backer, the high-powered DC attorney behind the Bloggers Defense Fund which organized against Kimberlin in the Summer of 2012, no longer responds to queries about Walker’s legal interests. That is because they are entirely faith-based and not fact-based.

But Walker will not be deterred from his quest to hold Brett Kimberlin accountable for imaginary harassment, and a host of right wing blogstupids has invested heavily in his story. Yet somehow, the sharp end of Walker’s legal stick is now poking at a 58 year-old Parkinsons patient named Bill Schmalfeldt because he spoke out about Walker’s fellow jihadis, especially Lee Stranahan and Ali Akbar.

Lee Stranahan, the execrable blogger who revealed a teenage rape victim’s name yesterday while tweeting from a Steubenville, Ohio courtroom, has publicized his intention to press false criminal charges against Schmalfeldt this week (again, for the third time) while in Maryland for the CPAC Blog Bash party, where he plans to win an award named for Andrew Breitbart and presented by Ali Akbar. 

On February 28, 2012, a W.J.J. Hoge of Virginia attempted to press criminal harassment charges against Bill Schmalfeldt and Brett Kimberlin in Carroll County District Court, Maryland. Hoge’s “evidence” of harassment was deeply flawed, and he presented no evidence that Schmalfeldt had ever received a no-contact order, because in fact Hoge had never sent one. Instead, he sent a photograph of his son cleaning a gun. Because harassment!

Conferring with Schmalfeldt and Kimberlin after Hoge was asked to leave, someone from the county prosecutor’s office reportedly asked for a dossier on Lee Stranahan. Like Hoge and Walker, Stranahan alleges a conspiracy between Schmalfeldt and Kimberlin, two men who met for the first time at Hoge’s instigation.

Everything follows from there: after months of hyperbolic blogging failed to link Schmalfeldt to Kimberlin, and a federal judge had instructed them not to bring the case back to any federal court, pressing baseless state criminal charges against both men was the only way to bring them together in one place and pronounce them a conspiracy. In doing so, they exceeded Brett Kimberlin’s notorious “lawfare” by practicing it on an innocent bystander.

When he delivered the requested material to the courthouse the next day, Brett Kimberlin arrived to find Aaron Walker already inside. Walker was filing criminal charges of his own against Schmalfeldt while his wife waited in the car. Kimberlin had the misfortune to encounter her; both began taking pictures of one another. When Walker exited the courthouse, there ensued yet another confrontation between the vexatious litigants. Walker had already been arrested once for a courthouse assault on Kimberlin, who he blamed for the loss of his job.

In fact, Walker is responsible for the loss of his own damn job. Under the pseudonym Aaron Worthing, Walker was famous for running an Islamophobic cartoon blog. Not only did Walker request cartoon submissions that would incite jihadis to come after him, he taunted said jihadis to come find him in Manassas, Virginia. After his assault charge, Walker warned his employer that jihadis might actually be coming for him, and they responded by firing him on the spot. His boss’ final letter is a precious gem, especially the part about finding Walker’s desk covered in Kimberlin-related material: “in fact, it was difficult for us to determine what you were working on for (us) over the last few weeks, if anything.”

Brett Kimberlin has made a perfect bogeyman for right wing bloggers. His past criminal convictions and liberal bent are a perfect stand-in for the violent left of the wingnut imagination. All manner of radicalism can be projected on him, while his name can serve as both bludgeon (“You are secretly employed by Brett Kimberlin!”) and shield (“How dare you defend Brett Kimberlin!”).

Of all the Kimberlin-obsessive bloggers, Walker is by far the most religious about it. During 2012, Walker’s name was prominent in all things Kimberlin. Forming the National Bloggers Club, Ali Akbar (himself a convicted felon) used Walker’s name to state the purpose of the organization. Later, Walker would become part of the Bloggers Defense Fund, which failed so spectacularly in their federal court bid — and accidentally provided discovery of Walker’s termination letter.

Writing one week after the events in that Carroll County courthouse parking lot, Walker descended into pathological paranoia. Having managed to miss the presence of anyone else in the parking lot besides Kimberlin, Walker declared that not only had his nemesis stalked and harassed his wife, but that he himself had witnessed miraculous “proof” of a conspiracy between Schmalfeldt and Kimberlin:

“The Watchful Avenger” is what they have taken to calling calling this “Breitbart Unmasked” character on Twitter and the “publisher” of the Breitbart Unmaksed (sic) Blog.  Schmalfeldt is specifically referring to photographs of me taken at the courthouse and now you know who took them: Brett Kimberlin.  So Brett Kimberlin owns Breitbart Unmasked, which unsurprisingly means that he has perjured himself when claiming he doesn’t blog or use twitter.

Walker has no idea how absurd this is. I have spoken to the Watchful Avenger on the phone; he is not Brett Kimberlin. Again, the whole purpose of charging Schmalfeldt and Kimberlin together was to put them in the same place and call them a conspiracy. Aaron Walker is an idiot caught in a cognitive loop of rationalization: he has to explain his continued failure in some other manner than an evidence-based one.

Walker cannot face the fact that he got himself fired from his job, and will likely lose his law license, because of his poor impulse control and obsessive behavior. Walker’s poor wife is compelled to support him in his endeavors because she, too, lost her job with the same employer (a fact they regretted). His jihad was simply more important to him than she was. In a very material way, it is the only thing they have left anymore.

After all, what else can Walker do — admit he was wrong, and is still wrong? That can never happen. Brett Kimberlin and Bill Schmalfeldt are now objects of fanatic hatred, and the struggle must continue until the infidels submit. The entire Stranahan Clan is counting on it.

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