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The Brett Kimberlin Free Association Game

Brett-Kimberlin-1As I keep saying, last June a gang of Breitbart goons came into my Twitter timeline trying to push an absurd story about Brett Kimberlin into a story I was telling about Jason Wade Taylor, a con artist who had attempted to upend the StopRush movement by pretending to be a rich progressive philanthropist. Lee Stranahan was their point man. As the months passed, Stranahan continued trying to connect StopRush and a prominent Twitter volunteer named Matt Edelstein aka @Shoq to Brett Kimberlin.

The slideshow below demonstrates the sweep of that story. My Downfall parody of Aaron Walker and a song about Brett Kimberlin are included at the end:

Many of the tweets from last June appear to have been deleted, but you can see most of them in this .PDF document. Aaron Walker, who had famously inserted himself in Kimberlin’s lawsuit against cyberstalking lunatic Seth Allen and then instigated a physical confrontation, showed up in my Twitter timeline for the very first time on June 13th. Stranahan tried hard to maintain the “Randy Hahn” pretext, but by the afternoon of the next day it was falling apart.

Nevertheless, Stranahan would continue to make use of the “illegal recording” @Shoq had made of himself scambaiting “Randy.” Because @Shoq pumped up his own contacts during that call to elicit a verifiable progressive reference from “Randy,” there was plenty of material for Stranahan to work with — but no mention of Brett Kimberlin. Undaunted, Stranahan returned to the StopRush-Brett Kimberlin “connection” with a vengeance in September after @Shoq’s former girlfriend turned on him. For a few weeks, Stranahan freely associated StopRush with Kimberlin, and through @Shoq he connected Van Jones and OFA to Kimberlin. But by this time he had also made enemies on the right, so the conspiracy had to enlarge even further to include them, becoming ever more insane and inane by constant convolution.

Having made false criminal charges against Maryland blogger Bill Schmalfeldt along with Aaron Walker and William Hoge in a desperate bid to connect him with Kimberlin, Stranahan has now stretched any credibility in the Kimberlin saga past its breaking point. Brett Kimberlin is not, and has never been, a StopRush volunteer. He has never spoken to @Shoq and is not connected to OFA or Van Jones. Quite simply, Lee Stranahan is making shit up.

Not only is Stranahan still playing the Brett Kimberlin Free Association Game, his enemies list “informs” other bloggers carrying on with Kimberlin-mania. Here’s a recent example. Of course, given how much effort I have put into dispelling and debunking all this flummery over the last several months, it’s no surprise that my own name has floated to the top of the list. Any day now, we will learn that I was secretly Kimberlin’s chief agent all along. You know it’s coming.

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