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Despite Purges, CPAC Still Incredibly Racist

Jeff Dunetz, aka YidWithLid, is one of the most disgusting creatures in the Breitbart Clan. In the video below, shot yesterday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Dunetz can be heard off-camera yelling at Greg Thrasher, an African American man asking attendees why there aren’t more African Americans at CPAC. Apparently, in wingnut world that’s an arresting offense:

Notorious birther and Islamophobe¬†Pamela Geller was ousted from CPAC this year but was still invited to the Blog Bash party. The usual assortment of white nationalists, including Robert Vandervoort, and the bottom-feeding casual racists like Dunetz, are still being allowed to attend CPAC and appear on panels with mainstream Republicans. The American Conservative Union, which organizes CPAC, published an article by American Renaissance member Robert Weissberg on its website in February even though the retired professor was purged from National Review last year for espousing “scientific racism” — just like neoconfederate Robert Stacy McCain, who won an award at last night’s CPAC Blog Bash and was purged from the Washington Times some years ago.

Thrasher asks an excellent question: why are conservatives responding to their party’s dismal performance among minorities by doubling-down on the racism at the core of the problem? Purges indicate that they understand the nature of the problem, but the insufficient extent of those purges says that the conservative movement has yet to take the problem seriously. They don’t want to have a conversation about it, either, and if you try they’ll shut you down.

ADDING: CPAC attendees are being asked to take a survey today. Among the questions are which tea party organization best represents the movement as a whole. Incredibly, Judson Phillips’ SPLC-listed hate group Tea Party Nation is an option.

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