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Aaron Walker’s Downfall

Blogging lunatic and Islamophobe Aaron Walker and his friend W.J.J. Hoge saw their criminal complaints against Bill Schmalfeldt get nixed by a Maryland judge yesterday. Lee Stranahan loses right along with them. I have made the following Downfall parody video to celebrate. A brief explanation of some ephemera is included below:

As I keep saying, Aaron Walker is not a very good lawyer. His charges against Schmalfeldt relied on a rather silly premise: that the 58 year-old Parkinsons patient had “threatened” him by referring to Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. In order to demonstrate how silly this was, on the 11th of March I engaged Walker on Twitter for several hours, during which I tweeted a link to the song “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” by Drowning Pool at him. Whereas Schmalfeldt happens to live in Maryland, a state that allows anyone to file criminal charges, my residency makes me less interesting to Walker. His disinterest in me proves that he is forum-shopping with his charges against Schmalfeldt, an act that could result in his disbarment.

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