Naked Astroturf on Twitter (UPDATE: “Tea Party For Mitt” Bot Still Tweeting)


This week, a hashtag meant to embarrass liberalism wound up inadvertently revealing that Twitter tea party activism is mostly just technology. Below is a Chirpstory showing that many of the participating accounts were merely sock puppets mechanically retweeting the same lines. If you thought a mindless horde of hivemind zombies was tweeting #tcot, take comfort in the knowledge that it’s just a few pathetic souls with no life and a powerful drive to promote their undead ideas. H/t to Melissa Brewer.

UPDATE: A further example from Melissa. Did you know the Tea Party still endorses Mitt Romney? There’s a Twitter bot, @TeaParty4Mitt, still trying to tell you it’s true:


Paging Bill Murphy…Oh, let’s see who follows this account:




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