in Burn Notices

Dear Howard County, Maryland Law Enforcement

It is my understanding that Lee Stranahan of Dallas, Texas has made a false report against Bill Schmalfeldt in your jurisdiction (case #1286925). Stranahan has indicated that he intends to expand his accusations to me. I would like to aid your investigation by recounting Stranahan’s career of false reporting and clarifying his history of fabrication.

Lee Stranahan has an enormous ego and an overdeveloped sense of butthurt. He regularly seeks and loses public confrontations on Twitter, then obsesses over the identities and supposed nefarious activities of these correspondents in his blogging. Twitter users @OccupyRebellion, @NicoleGennette, @BreitbartUnmask and @KYAnonymous have all been subject to this activity, with consistently-wrong information about their identities appearing in his blog. Under Maryland code § 9­501, any attempt to connect me to these people should be considered a false report.

Last June, Stranahan attempted to foist a charge of wiretapping conspiracy on a group of activists who had been victimized by a thrice-convicted Texas con artist named Jason Wade Taylor and who were attempting to expose the miscreant in order to protect fellow activists. I confronted Stranahan about his story on Twitter. Because I was relentless in exposing this false accusation, Stranahan accused me of “witness intimidation.” In fact, Stranahan was the one manipulating key witnesses.

Lee Stranahan spent most of 2012 creating and embellishing a fantasy story centered on a somewhat obscure liberal activist named Brett Kimberlin. Stranahan has accused many people of conspiring with a man named Neal Rauhauser who is supposedly working for Kimberlin. Any attempt to connect me to either individual in any criminal conspiracy should also be considered a false report.

Stranahan has enlarged this nonsense tale to include dozens of people allegedly working together to harass and endanger him and his family. Of course, Stranahan always leverages these supposed threats to solicit “emergency” PayPal donations. This time will be no different. His entire career as a blogger has been characterized by this sort of fraudulent fundraising.

In a manic post yesterday, Mr. Stranahan posited that I am secretly working with other people to bring harm to him and his family. But I have actually been very public in my loathing for him since June of 2012, as there is no need to hide communication with the many people he has attempted to smear over the years. And frankly, the greatest danger to Lee Stranahan’s family is Lee Stranahan. His bizarre, off-the-grid lifestyle does not include birth certificates for his children, or proper prenatal or neonatal care, or even a basic education.

Quite simply, Stranahan is angry at Schmalfeldt for reporting on these matters. His charges are a naked attempt to silence legitimate free speech and intimidate a reporter of his actual, real, not-imaginary, and possibly-criminal activities.

Please file this as an informational report and note that I will be happy to provide further information as warranted.

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