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Rush Limbaugh’s Biggest Fan On Twitter

Christopher Hermann's FreedomWorks Photo

Christopher Hermann of Canton, Ohio is a big fan of Rush Limbaugh. The above photo comes from his FreedomConnector profile at FreedomWorks, because Hermann is also a big fan of right wing political organizing on behalf of the 1%. As he is unemployed with no visible means of support, and almost certainly survives on public assistance, Hermann is probably compensating for his ‘moocher’ status by advocating a better world for billionaires.

Being unemployed has its advantages for Hermann. For example, it leaves him free to spend all day, every day trolling the #stoprush Twitter hashtag as @VTwinCrucible with dogmatic conservative slogans. Indeed, Mr. Hermann is perhaps the most active, dedicated, and consistently off-topic harassment-monkey in the #stoprush stream largely because he has nothing better to do with his time.

Some of Hermann’s stated convictions would seem to run contrary to his own record of behavior. While he is obsessively and aggressively pro-life, apparently he only believes that every fetus must be protected until it grows up into an adult that he can choke to death with his bare hands. I am not exaggerating. In 1998, Hermann was caught in the act of strangling his girlfriend because her daughter played music too loud. The appellate court’s decision is available online:

Upon arriving at the scene, Officer James Anderson observed many people screaming and yelling. He entered the apartment, and found appellant standing over Tabor, choking her. Tabor was on her hands and knees. Anderson ran over to appellant, and knocked him off of Tabor. He then took appellant to the floor and handcuffed him. Officer Jennifer Vinesky arrived at the scene as backup. When she went up to the apartment door, she saw Anderson holding appellant up against the wall. Tabor was screaming that she wanted appellant arrested, and that she was tired of him doing this to her. Appellant was charged with two counts of domestic violence […] In addition, the jury returned a finding that appellant had previously been convicted of domestic violence. Appellant was sentenced to seven months incarceration. (Emphasis mine)

To be fair, Hermann is still friends with his victim’s daughter, who refused to testify against him. His first conviction for domestic violence was also for attacking her mother, but by the time that happened in 1997 Hermann had already established a lengthy criminal record in Stark County, Ohio. You can see it for yourself by searching for his name on the county’s criminal justice website.

Hermann was charged three times in 1991: first for resisting arrest, then for driving on a suspended license, and finally for theft. He served 90 days in jail for the last charge. In 1995, Hermann was found guilty of carrying a concealed weapon and sentenced to 30 days in jail; a domestic violence charge on the same date was amended to disorderly conduct.

No wonder Hermann is a fan of the misogynist Rush Limbaugh, who says that women should be shot for having abortions. Maybe Limbaugh will condone Hermann’s way of dealing with the fairer sex?

Lest we think Hermann has mellowed with age, his criminal behavior is ongoing. Actually, it is the principal reason he is unemployable. Most recently, Hermann was arrested in March 2012 for breaking and entering and possession of burglary tools. The 100 hours of community service he was then ordered to perform may explain why he was away from Twitter for almost ninety days, from June 26 until August 22. Or perhaps he simply couldn’t afford internet access because of the court fees he had to pay.

His relentless spoiling campaign began almost immediately upon his return, and continues long after everyone has blocked him. There is a reason why: just as choking the life out of his girlfriend made him feel better, being a nasty troll on Twitter releases the endorphins of hate into his bloodstream. They are his crack.

Hermann is the quintessential Limbaugh listener. His tweets reflect the hateful attitudes of his radio idol, and bear the self-righteous stamp of the proudly-ignorant. Hermann did not graduate from his high school, earning a GED in 1974; now he looks down on liberals because they’re too educated and therefore not as smart as him. See how that works?

StopRush has succeeded in deflating Limbaugh’s artificial market value. We have revealed the essential weakness of his brand, which relies on a false picture of his audience. Indeed, as we continue our successful advertiser contact campaign, he should serve as our best example of Limbaugh’s listener demographic — a perfect social media mascot.

Anyone who would sponsor Limbaugh may proudly call this broke, criminal, unemployed woman-strangler their potential customer. Yes, let them profit from Christopher Hermann any way they can, if they like; if they want our business, however, they should stop supporting ignorance and hate speech.

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