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Cancer Truthers Demand Long-Form Diagnosis Certificate

UPDATE: After more thorough research (made difficult by the fact that many of the principals have blocked me), I have removed a few tweets from the Chirpstory. (Frankly, I find it ironic that so many people would want to distance themselves from Jessica all of a sudden.) I have also added previously unseen tweets by two longtime @Shoq antagonists to the slideshow. ALSO: Many thanks to Karoli for saying what needed to be said.

Jessica Delahunty @vdazeRemember when Jessica Delahunty @vdaze was so mad at her ex-boyfriend Matt Edelstein @Shoq that she felt compelled to spend months denouncing him on Twitter? Sure, they were cyber-lovers who had never actually met, but the affair was no mere “Twitter drama” to Jessica. His cancer, on the other hand, is a source of much amusement for her. When his diagnosis was confirmed several weeks ago, many of his close friends already knew that his doctor had been alarmed by test results for quite some time. But Jessica and friends pounced on the diagnosis, making light of his condition with vile suggestions and slanders.

Jessica has become the patron saint of a shrinking, yet dedicated Twitter cult whose creation story centers on @Shoq as a cartoonish Satan. More than one observer has come around to the realization that she is never actually going to get past him and move on. How could she, when relentlessly and obsessively mocking him in her stream wins so much love and affection from her friends as well as his longtime political opponents?

The latest example came on Tuesday after @Shoq went under a surgeon’s knife to have a tumor removed. When he emerged from the operation to announce that his surgeon had successfully removed the tumor, and had seen no evidence of further malignant tissue, Jessica’s disappointment turned into denial: he was lying about his cancer!

Jessica took an extra-long lunch hour to get past her disappointment at his survival. She has kept her tweets protected, confining access to a trusted circle, but one of her disillusioned followers recently provided me with their password, allowing us all to see Jessica play Orly Taitz for the “cancer truthers.” Here’s a slideshow:

I’ve also put together a Chirpstory of The Jessica Cult dogpiling a man in the recovery room. The best proof that @Shoq has survived an honest battle with mortality is that he actually doesn’t give a damn about what they say. But two of his friends jumped in to defend him and were swiftly condemned as haters — because who are we to question their divine hate for @Shoq and his fake cancer? You can read the Chirpstory here.

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  • I’m not defending anyone here, not even myself. Was I being shitty in my comment about Shoq? Yup. I own that. Has he been shitty in the past to people? Yup. Myself included.
    The thing is this. You are making some off-the-wall thing out of this that it isn’t. I don’t really WANT proof of his cancer. That won’t automatically make him a good guy in my eyes. He doesn’t owe me proof. If I get proof of his cancer, I will still think he’s an asshole. What we did, as individuals, was make fun of a guy we view as an asshole. The fact that he has cancer is irrelevant. He has repeatedly used others’ diseases as a weapon against them, but NOW, out of all times, *he* gets a free pass? Fuck that.
    As a fellow human, I hope he DOESN’T have cancer. Cancer is fucking horrible. It’s the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone. But, after the shit he’s pulled in the past, we wouldn’t put it past him to lie about this. Lying that his mother was on her deathbed because of what Jessica posted was *beyond* low. It kind of set the stage for our non-belief of his current malady.

  • IOW, you’re still a “cancer truther.” Thanks for pulling the idiot box closed on top of yourself, Jeni Burns.

    As to that business about his mom: I’m sure it doesn’t matter to you that he was trying to expose the source of leaks from his inner circle, or that by that point he had been systematically ratfucked for months by false friends. I do wish he had discussed it with me first — I would’ve told him to use another pretext other than his mother — but you are free to judge just as soon as you’ve spent months watching your personal correspondence show up in RW Twitter streams.

  • I don’t put myself in that situation. Sorry, but I don’t go out of my way to give everyone all of my inside information. If someone proves to be a little hinky, they’re out of my circle, inner or outer. I don’t have wild and crazy secrets that I feel might hurt some agenda that I think is so all-fired important.
    The truth is? I don’t honestly care about him the individual. I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual. I kind of hope it is, actually. Not caring is not wishing harm. I don’t wish him harm. I wish him long days and happiness, and I don’t really give a shit if I end up knowing about it.
    This is what you guys don’t get. It was apparently ok for ALL of you guys to make fun of Jessica, or slut shame her, or whatever. She was the big dirty whore because she was flirting with Shoq online, yet he was BLAMELESS even though he knew she was still legally married (albeit, separated). Well, damn. That means I’m a big dirty whore, too, because I met my CURRENT husband while trying to locate my deadbeat ex to get a divorce 2 years after I left him. None of you knew the real facts, you only knew HIS side of the story. Which was a non story, and didn’t needed to be dragged all over the blogosphere, but, ya know, it happened. And I don’t see anyone apologizing to her. She’s got reason to be bitter, but, fuck that. Poor Shoq. He was shamed because we have to find some reason to explain why he made a HUGE mistake for an entirely unrelated reason SO LET’S LINK THE TWO.
    Sometimes, things happen at the same time. It’s called life. No conspiracy theories. Maybe, one day, any of you will be caught in the same sort of situation. I hope not, because this whole farce has been an absolute emotional drain. But, hey, keep patting yourselves on the back. You ran a woman off twitter! Yay! I’m sure you feel all bold and re-assured! Congratulations! YOU ARE WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE WORLD.

  • I’m curious about something. When you post an article you research it first right? I would assume thoroughly. But you yourself just said that you had to revisit this because you were wrong about some things the first time. And in my opinion, they were obviously tweets that had nothing to do with the situation. That said, how am I to believe this is right now?

    How can I believe anything you’ve written is correct? I’ve seen you post burn notices blowing up people’s personal lives and professions only to go back a few days later and correct something. But by then the damage is done, you know?

    So here’s the thing I don’t trust what you write. I think you are irresponsible and harmful. This isn’t journalism or reporting.
    They way I see it, your “side” has misled, out-right lied and stalked repeatedly. From your burn notices, to Shoq’s lying about the taped conversation, to lying about his mother, to RJ’s various stalking accounts – you guys reek.

  • First, corrections with citations are a normal part of journalism. Get over it. Second, are you denying that Jessica mocked his cancer? Did I invent those tweets? Third, when you refer to that “taped conversation” it puts you squarely in the same camp with the people who ratfucked StopRush, so coming here now to extend the same denials once more is NOT a way to build confidence in your belief-systemamong outside observers.

  • This is deranged stuff, Jeni. Nobody called Jessica a whore — that’s your word. And “I don’t go out of my way to give everyone all of my inside information” is another way of saying he shouldn’t have dressed like a slut if he didn’t want to be raped. Those “hinky” people include Jessica and ABL, after all.

    And if it was such a “non story,” then why did Jessica and friends spend weeks Tweeting about nothing else? They were trending hashtags, blog posts, etc for quite a spell before I ever wrote the first damn word about them.

    You’ve twisted the entire business inside-out to maintain your precious worldview. I’ve seen it before…at tea parties.

  • Yeah, every article posted in the local paper has corrections. Every. One. Sure. O__o

    Every post you’ve made regarding this situation has required correction – every one.

    Did you invent her tweets? No. Did you stalk her private account to find them? Yes. Bravo Ace Reporter!

    You’ve got a lot of nerve talking about bullying. I’ve watched you and your buddies threaten jobs, custody and the privacy of children. You drug people’s children into this. Children. Classy.

    I don’t have any vested interest in this. I don’t blog, I don’t have a high follow count on twitter, I don’t know any of these people in real life. But I’ve been watching and reading this shit from day one. And over and over again you and yours have proved yourselves to be delusional, lying, classless bullies.

    So don’t you dare try to pretend you have the moral high-ground here.

  • I haven’t seen anybody call anyone a whore.

    TO the cancer-deniers: If you think a person is so bad, why do you endeavor to be MORE evil MORE hurtful, more veangeful AND get others involved in it?

    Why would you pick on a person who could DIE from their disease?

    Why is that funny? Or cute? Or helping anybody?

    It’s not. It’s just a choice. You think because person X is bad, you can be terrible.

    I am glad I don’t live that way. I don’t HATE anybody. You all should try this thing called letting go. It’s literally been a YEAR since that voicemail Jessica recorded.

    A year. And in that year, everything has changed.

    Except I fear that she + her friends are MORE obsessed with Shoq than they were a year ago. Sad. Lonely. Miserable.

  • “And if it was such a “non story,” then why did Jessica and friends spend weeks Tweeting about nothing else? They were trending hashtags, blog posts, etc for quite a spell before I ever wrote the first damn word about them.

    Yes, tweeting about your ex boyfriend and receiving commiseration and comfort from your friends totally means you should have blog after blog written about you. You’re employment and privacy should be threatened. You’re friends employment, privacy and the welfare of their children should be threatened. You are absolutely right! You are such a hero. You big, brave man you. Way to go champ! Way to fight the good fight. Murrow would be so proud.

  • PS what the hell does your husband have to do with Matt, anyway? I think you’re scapegoating here.

  • Even if YOU didn’t come out and say it, you implied it over and over in your “burn notices”. And plenty of people have called her a whore and a slut. So don’t even give me that bullshit.

  • Heh. No. Good try, but no. I don’t even know you, nor do you know me. Keep on judgin’. I’m going to go live my life.

  • I don’t know you . I can only judge you from you & your friends actions on social media. And that action is depressing and shitty and ANTISOCIAL. I pray you find peace and happiness one day.

  • No one slut-shamed Jessica and no one wants you to decide Shoq is a hero. You’re just making shit up to distract from what can only be described as loathsome, deranged behavior.

    Now listen carefully, if you’re able. No one typed those vile remarks about his cancer while he was still in the recovery room. Jessica did that. No one forced her to say out loud that she believed he was lying about having cancer. Jessica did that. No one but Jessica and her fan club has gone on for months on end about her Shoq hate and taken aim at anyone who dared to defend him. Jessica did that. And when she was called on it, she bailed rather than do the human thing and simply apologize for being vile.

    JESSICA DROVE HERSELF AWAY. No one held a gun to her head. She is not a victim. She made her choices. And those have consequences.

    Y’all either need to grow up or get therapy. None of you are worth the aggravation you cause.

  • Believe what you need to Karoli. The fact that you support and further this nonsense is what pains me the most.
    I wish you well. I wish you all well. Take care. I’m done.

  • “Implied” – that’s the bullshit, right there.

  • How on earth is Matt’s cancer about Jessica’s children? What the fucking fuck are you women talking about?

    Matt has cancer. You think it’s okay to be publicly funny, laugh about it, say mean things & make fun of it.

    How would you react if it was a woman you didn’t like, and she was losing her breast?

    I don’t want to know. Seriously.

    People are held accountable for their speech all the time. Freedom of speech does not mean anonymity. Other people were outed a long time ago due toJason Wade Taylor’s doxing of StopRush.

    People leaked emails that assisted with this. There was never any remorse or apology.

    Instead, what happened is they leaked those emails — and now they laugh at the people it affected, even a man who could have died of cancer. And cancer is never easy or fun. I’ve watched several people go through it, including a massectomy and a male friend who had to stay away from babies and pregnant women. (Because of radiation therapy.)

    Nobody deserves to have to fight cancer.

    Nobody deserves it. Even if he called his GF the “c-word” a year ago.

    He’s moved on. He doesn’t even call her names anymore. I don’t get it.

    Don’t like it? Don’t stalk people’s timelines if you don’t like them.

    Then you won’t be compelled to say something nasty. You won’t have to react to every little piece of bad news like when his cat dies or he breaks his toe. You won’t have to celebrate his every pain and failure.

  • “You’re employment and privacy should be threatened. You’re friends employment, privacy and the welfare of their children should be threatened”


    Where did I threaten Jessica’s privacy? Where did I threaten her employment? Where did I threaten children? Be specific — because I never did any of that.

    But you know whose families WERE threatened? Mine. @Shoq’s. Karoli’s. Those of us who’ve stood up for Matt E have had OUR employers contacted. FFS, Imani was yapping about reporting me to the FBI.

    Your bullshit is ENTIRELY psychological projection.

  • “Every post you’ve made regarding this situation has required correction” — false. I’ve written perhaps 20,000 words on this affair by now with very FEW corrections.

    Also false: “threatening jobs, custody and privacy of children.” Be specific in your charges — because they are patently untrue.

  • That’s hilarious deflection & rather juvenile word choice, “MegTee”. You drag things into this
    that have precisely nothing to do with the matter. How is research involved, or anyone’s reputation? The only one damaging Delahunty’s reputation, such as it is, is she herself by her obsessive behaviour. The tweets & convos were plain for anyone to see. And “stalking”? You lot & Delahunty in particular seem to have no life other than stalking Edelstein, and that IS the issue. Delahunty & others have done apparently nothing for several months than stalk, mock & harass him, and when someone calls her & others out on it, and calls her out on her evident callousness toward a fellow human’s illness & suffering, they “reek”. Your comment is a ridiculous display of hypocrisy. Physician, heal thyself, for you reek.

  • Please give examples of any children’s privacy having been threatened. if you try, you’ll find that to a disinterested obsever no threat was stated or even implied. The threat exists only in your mind & that of others obsessed with picking Edelstein apart. you don’t have an interest in this? More hypocrisy. And again, the fact Osborne was able to view Delahunty’s obsessively-mocking tweets merely indicates someone who once gave Delahunty his/her allegiance does so no longer due to her sickening behaviour, behaviour that would be sickening to anyone with a shred of decency. Let the blame for her exposure as a compulsive stalker and, yes, BULLY, lie where it should, on Delahunty herself.

  • I see, so two wrongs make a right. Got it. Wait, all my life i’ve been hearing two wrongs DON’T make a right. Hmm. Whichever can be correct?

  • Excuse me, what have you people been trying to do since August of last year if not run a MAN off Twitter? is it okay if you try to do it to a man? And at the point in September when it seemed you had, were you not gleeful? Is there none among you who is not a hypocrite? Logically not, for your entire endeavour is an exercise in hypocrisy.

  • Promise? Because hearing no more of your delusion & hypocrisy would be AMAZING.

  • It has nothing. These people are exhausting themselves dragging in irrelevancies.

  • “Implied” in your mind. And I for one have never called Delahunty anything other than what she is: A compulsive stalker, one who CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT leave Edelstein alone. If she detests him SO GODDAMNED MUCH, can she simply not shed herself of the need to rip to shreds his every statement? He has left her alone for months; why cannot she him?

  • *applause*

  • Oh, i’m sorry, I thought you were done. No? Got your second wind, did you?

  • You wrote: You’re employment and privacy should be threatened. You’re friends employment, privacy and the welfare of their children should be threatened. You are absolutely right! You are such a hero. You big, brave man you. Way to go champ! Way to fight the good fight. Murrow would be so proud.

    I respond with this: My privacy is a thing of the past, as is my children’s and my husband’s. My employment was threatened. Not once. Not twice. But three times. It’s still hung over me like a cudgel ready to drop on my head.

    You know what? Shoq didn’t do that. But some of your friends did.

  • If you seriously think Edelstein’s professional reputation & privacy weren’t “threatened”, to use your word, by Delahunty & others’ “tweeting about her ex-(cyber, for goshsake)boyfriend & commiseration & (HA-HA) COMFORT, you’re more deluded than i thought, and that’s a lot. Do you seriously deny the campaign’s entire object was to destroy him professionally & emotionally? Really? And again, please give examples of any children’s welfare being threatened other than by their mother’s own actions. I defy you.

  • MegTee is still fixating on Edelstein’s (totally only in the minds of his detractors) “threat” against Darshann Padilla or whatever the hell her name is’s daughter. Whom she herself brought into the company of a man she only cyberknew & even that for only a very short time. If the girl’s welfare would have been at all endangered, which by Edelstein it was not, it was due to Darshann’s own actions

  • *applause*

  • By the way, great post, Matt!

  • As an outsider looking in, Shoq attackers & their supporters look like bullying, vindictive, middle school mean girls. So listen up–YOUR tweets prove you to be the instigators. Yes ladies, that IS how outsiders see you. Do you NOT get that? So, SHUT THE FUCK UP & quit giving the RWNJ’s a reason to find fissure’s in the Left/Liberal community.

  • A very curious fact: when Jessica’s tweets were protected, they were visible to Brooks Bayne. Go figure that one. When she posted about @Shoq at her blog the first time, she felt it necessary to deny association with @FarRightofLeft — even though no one had accused her of it. Then, in response to my first post about her vendetta, she tried using the Brooks Bayne/@FarRightofLeft “illegal recording” story against him.

    But I’m sure that’s all coincidence…right?

  • Hmmm….I can’t DM a ? because you don’t follow on Twitter.

  • I, like many, are oblivious to all of the details. I don’t know the facts or most of these players. I’ve hated Brooks Bayne tweets and liked some liberal articles he shared. Beyond an “argument” I had with him once, I don’t know him from Adam or the details behind your question.

    To be clear, I don’t think anything the “mean girls” have done or said with respect to this situation is right or fair. They continually bait Shoq & those who RT or respond to his tweets. When I spoke up one time and told them what their tweets looked like to others, I was attacked. Since the middle of last year, they attack, bait or poke someone enough times to get a response, then wail like they are the injured party. It is bullying played out almost daily on twitter.

    I understand all of his friends/associates defending him and WE outsiders can see what you and others say/post IS in response to their repeated attacks. We saw Shoq take the high road when they didn’t. It is my opinion that their ongoing comments including those made here & on twitter, their attacks on Shoq & others needs to just stop. THEY are the ones I was telling to Shut the fuck up.