William Hoge’s Downfall

William J. J. Hoge has a gigantic ego, so he couldn’t understand why his little Hogewash blog wasn’t getting any traffic. Even though he blogged about Brett Kimberlin, the bugaboo of the right wing Breitbart universe, Hoge just didn’t have the audience he felt he deserved. But then Hoge got into a pissing match with […]

Austin Smith Clem Must Be Kept Away From Children


Austin Smith Clem was found guilty of molesting and repeatedly raping a teenager, but will spend no time in prison for it. The more I hear from his attorney, the more outrageous this story gets: “It would seem to be relatively mild,” Totten tells Mother Jones. “But [Clem’s] lifestyle for the next six years is […]

EXCLUSIVE: Roger Shuler Arrest Scene Photos (VIDEO UPDATE)

Roger Shuler's mugshot shows us what Rob Riley has in store for any blogger who writes about him, natch?

Yesterday, I carried out a successful mission to deliver supplies to Mrs. Shuler and make a photographic and video record of the scene where Roger Shuler was arrested by Shelby County deputies. Many thanks to Mrs. Shuler for her courage and hospitality. UPDATE: I have cut a short video of Carol Shuler relating her husband’s […]

Rally For Roger: Legal Defense Fund Created For Legal Schnauzer

Please support our Rally.org fundraiser for the Shulers’ legal defense fund. Roger Shuler, the Birmingham-area blogger known as Legal Schnauzer, was beaten and arrested one week ago today by Shelby County Sheriff’s deputies. They were acting on a warrant for failure to appear before a special, secret kangaroo court appointed by Judge Roy Moore of […]

The Tea Party Is Breaking Bad


Remember the IRS “scandal”? At least one tea party “dark money” group seems to have gone past a line somewhere and become exactly the sort of criminal political organization that the IRS and other law enforcement agencies are supposed to prevent. In a sharply worded ruling, a federal judge in Montana said Tuesday that documents found […]

Melissa Brewer Is Not Xenophon Gryllus


Melissa Brewer @catsrimportant has been my friend for about a year and a half now. Readers may remember her post about being stalked and harassed by anti-abortion fanatics, including the execrable Jason Wade Taylor. A couple of months ago, the same fanatics convinced a group of right wing bloggers that she was Xenophon Gryllus of […]

A Casus Belli For The Southern Liberation Movement


I have enjoyed reading Michael Lind’s series of essays on the white, Southern conservative identity at the heart of the modern Republican Party — what he calls the “Southern Autonomy Project.” On Sunday, he published what would amount to a Declaration of War by progressive and liberal forces against the intransigent Tea Party agenda that […]

Matchstick Man Endorses McCain’s Conspiracy Theory


According to his WikiPedia entry, Paul H. Lemmen (pictured) “is a military impostor and convicted criminal, specializing in fraud.” Lemmen was arrested at a military funeral in 2006 wearing general’s stars and an Air Force uniform. In fact, he was just a civilian with a penchant for self-inflation, fraud, bad checks, and embezzlement. Now blogging […]