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Watching Breitbart’s Throne

This morning, when I posted on Nadia Naffe’s lawsuit against Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney John Patrick Frey @Patterico, I used the words “Breitbart empire.” Naffe’s suit was in fact one subject of many among the last emails Andrew Breitbart exchanged before he died (.PDF). Breitbart was communicating with the Anon and Twitter troll known as @ZAPEM, who wrote:


a. We’ve read the Twitter timeline

b. You stated that the relationship between O’Keefe & Naffe has only been 2 years

c. Contradicts the story that she has 6-7 years worth of emails by O’Keefe

d. There’s a concern that O’Keefe has been hacked. If so, please have him contact me any time tonight or tomorrow

e. We have a lawyer in his area who knows him and that’s Jordan B. Rickards, Esq., Milltown, N.J.

f. If Naffe falls into Rauhauser’s hands, that’s exactly what you want. We’ll make fools of them if she plays into that hornet’s nest, no worries.

I honestly feel we’ve got this. The key here is to stay calm, let them ramble incoherently while we focus on goals (yours & ours). In order to accomplish this, we just break it down into manageable pieces, delegate people to focus on their areas and everything will get done from the police being informed — to Anonymous projecting against the left — to you becoming the sorely needed leadership voice the Tea Party has needed since Sarah Palin fell off the face of the earth and Glen Beck went insane. (Emphasis mine)

Remember Andrew Breitbart yelling at the Occupy crowd to “stop raping people”? Naffe alleges that his friend James O’Keefe tried to rape her, and that Breitbart knew about it. Specifically, in December 2011 she filed a complaint that O’Keefe gave her a spiked drink, and that as she began losing muscle control, he became verbally abusive and tried to coerce her into spending the night in his barn:

The story aired on Countdown with Keith Olbermann, with fill-in host David Shuster unloading on Breitbart as a “hypocrite” and “frequently unstable publicity seeking hack” who he said refused to comment on the issue when contacted. Shuster found this appropriate, because he said Breitbart didn’t witness anything between and Naffe and O’Keefe and wasn’t involved – but Naffe has shared new details claiming Breitbart knew, even as events were unfolding that night that Naffe wanted his help.

Breitbart finally spoke out – after Shuster tweeted the link to his segment on Breitbart. Shuster said:

This alleged rape plot by @jamesokeefeiii + silence by @andrewbreitbart proves AB is a hypocrite.”

Seething, Breitbart twote back:

“There is no ‘rape plot’ you slanderous, libelous wannabe Media Matters smear junkie”.

This prompted Nadia Naffe to break her silence, tweeting to Breitbart:

“Now, your an expert on ‘rape plots’? I called you that night I was held in the barn to ask for help.

This is apparently the first time anywhere the public has heard her characterize her ordeal at O’Keefe’s parents property as being “held”. If true, it also reveals that Naffe reached out to Breitbart for help when she was experiencing problems with O’Keefe.

According to Naffe, O’Keefe’s sexual harassment took place after she refused to take part in a hidden-camera sting of Occupy Wall Street. Mr. Deputy District Attorney Frey has tried to quash her day in court with extrajudicial means ever since. Frey is protecting O’Keefe, the memory of Brietbart, and the bullshit stories they were cooking up together. More on that tomorrow.

I have included a Current TV segment below featuring a reporter on the story in December, when a judge told Naffe she would have to seek redress through civil courts.

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