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Liberal Grouch Reads Patterico-Barrett Brown Chat Logs

When I wrote about Nadia Naffe’s lawsuit against Los Angeles Deputy DA John Patrick Frey @Patterico the other day, I mentioned Frey’s bizarre attempt to discredit Naffe’s attorney, Jay Liederman, through Barrett Brown, and I linked to a .PDF of the logs Brown kept of that conversation with Frey.

Assuming it meets the criteria set forth by the judge, Liederman ought to include the full text of Frey’s IM chats with Anonymous self-proclaimed “spokesman” Barrett Brown (.PDF). After all, it’s not every day a city prosecutor turns to a hacker-spokesman wanted by the FBI for help. Frey wanted Brown to help him discredit Naffe’s attorney and the suit against him, even though he knew Liederman was defending Anons pro bono. There is nothing about this that isn’t an abuse of power.

If you don’t feel like reading the .PDF, Bill Schmalfeldt aka The Liberal Grouch has done you the service of reading it in a podcast. His book about Ali Akbar is linked in the sidebar, but it turns out that Schmalfeldt is even funnier in audio than text — especially when he sings. Schmalfeldt hasn’t decided yet how long he’ll keep making half-hour shows, so give his experiment a listen.

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