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Steal This Vote

So how’s that election thing going? Well, judging by the lede at Huffington Post this morning, it’s not going very well in Florida, where the tea tide hit like a tsunami in 2010:

Restrictive measures were not enough for the newly-empowered GOP, especially when federal judges began striking them down. After being forced to reinstate early voting, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted has tried to throw out provisional ballots, appears to have improperly removed thousands of eligible voters from the rolls, and has added a mysterious, last-minute “experimental” software patch to voting machines in 39 counties. In Florida, the same state where a GOP-linked firm was recently caught committing voter registration fraud, there have beenĀ local fiascoes and long lines thanks to Governor Rick Scott’s restriction on early voting hours.

Cynics say “if voting changed anything, it would be illegal.” The Republican Party would in fact like to make voting as hard as possible, if not illegal altogether. Nothing serves that agenda better than uncertainty: will my vote even count? If enough registered voters can be discouraged or disqualified from voting, they win.

If, as in 2004, the final tally leads to a loss of faith in the system, they win.

To use President Obama’s words, the “best revenge” for GOP gridlock and sabotage is to vote in such overwhelming numbers that fraud is impossible. The only way they lose is if the American people exact a price on the Republican Party for the behavior of its officeholders.

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