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Jason Wade Taylor “Coming After Me” With His Sock Puppet Army

The right wing “operative” responsible for the long con of Imani Gandy and Heather Chase has been through tough times lately. By leveraging his “reputation” as an infiltrator of progressive online startups, he hoped to gain the attention level of James O’Keefe and Andrew Breitbart in the wingnutosphere. But those dreams are being dashed.

Having apparently been fired from the Conservative Reports Online podcast for being drunk on the air, he was intoxicated again during his own Wednesday night podcast this week. Just as all the moderates have been forced out of the Republican Party, Jason Wade Taylor aka “Randy Hahn” seems to have fallen off the Moderation Management wagon.

This morning, he was drunk-tweeting threats to me and others via his sock puppet army:

Remember, a couple of weeks ago he was retweeting incitements to violence from his co-blogger, a “pro life” extremist named Jill Guidry, towards a StopRush volunteer. As a result, Guidry’s account was suspended, DC police are now reportedly investigating her, and she has had a public breakup with Taylor.

Isolated, afraid, and losing hope in a bottle, “Randy Taylor-Hahn” is lashing out three days before the election. Houston law enforcement should do a health and welfare check on this pathetic soul as soon as it can be arranged.

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